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Arequipa, The White City of Peru



The city of Arequipa is recognized as a white city of Arequipa due to its monuments totally built in white granite a rock that abounds in the zone.

The region of Arequipa is also known as the valley of the volcanoes, because of the presence of many volcanoes in this place, the city of Arequipa is surrounded from three volcanoes Misti, PichuPichu and Chachani; this region is also the place of the only volcano in Peru in activity Salkantaya and of the greatest one of this country Coropuna.

The city of Arequipa is together to the national capital of Peru one of the most modern cities of SouthAmerica, but in contrast with this it possesses one of the most beautiful natural regions of this country.

The Colca Canyon is the most important attraction of Arequipa, since it can show ancient civilizations, archeological centers and nature. We can accede to this place to be able to watch the traditional flight of the condors.

The Cotahuasi Canyon a natural paradise, considered as the deepest canyon of the world, is an attraction that up date recovers strength among lovers of walkings.

In the epoch of the Inca Empire, Arequipa was a populated center very small that thanks to the qualities and kindnesses of its lands for agriculture became in an important farming center, activity that holds up date.


Arequipa is a fortunate region because it possesses two regions of our country, it possesses kilometers of coast and kilometers from the Range of the Andes. In this region a beautiful landscaping contrast from the blend of the Range of the Andes and the Peruvian coast can get seen.

It possesses a warm climate, that during the day is hot and during the night is a little cold, the coasts of Arequipa are warm and proper for recreational tourism in beaches and in the region of the Andes a warm weather at day and a very cold weather at nights.


The economy of this region is joined to the industry of production, fishing and agriculture, being the touristic activity a small segment of the incomes of foreign currency to this region of Peru.

The coaster regions of Arequipa are excellent because of its small beaches but also are a region rich in marine species used for the exportation to other regions of the country and for the internal consumption of Arequipa.


Traditions say that the white city was founded since the arrival of the Spaniards to this region, when Emperor HUAYNA QAPAC passed with his army by this zone going to the actual neighbor country of Chile, some of his men of confidence asked him if they could stay to settle in this place and he said ARI QUEPAY that translated means YES, STAY and with the arrival of the Spaniards and the adaptation of quechua words to the Spanish dialect turned to be in Arequipa.

In this region of Arequipa we can find much more ancient remains of immigrants from the highplain as the Collanas, whose descendants still live with all their traditions in the highlands of this region and especially near from the Colca Canyon.

With the arrival of the first settlers to this part of Peru, the neighborhood of San Lázaro was founded, from where it was built what now is known as the white city, the first settlers were dedicated to agriculture and were horsemen and salesmen that constantly made trips around Peru to exchange, sell and buy different types of products.

In the republican period and during the War of the Pacific, war conflict that Peru kept with Chile, Arequipa turned to be part of the territory of Chile, but the decision of this brave town made it to be recovered and returned to Peru.