Celebrating Día de Acción de Gracias (Thanksgiving)!

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Published: 01-11-2021

While the first thing that usually comes to mind when someone mentions Thanksgiving is the USA, the festivities need not be limited to American borders. Like other national holidays around the world, celebrating one special and unique to your country can be an exciting experience abroad. For example, if you have ever been in Thailand or Bali around the end of January, you no doubt would have seen many, many festive Aussies celebrating Australia Day.

Likewise, for Americans spending Thanksgiving abroad, they often find fellow American travellers and expats celebrating the holiday with a foreign twinge, blending two diverse cultures into one massive occasion that is sure to be memorable. Thanksgiving in Peru is one such experience, where you can tweak tradition to the local way of living by:

  • Doing a payment to the earth ceremony to thank the Pachamama
  • Swapping out roast turkey for cuy
  • Trading wine for a classic Pisco Sour cocktail
  • Replacing the usual sides of potatoes and green beans with big, lush Andean corn, and a heaped serving of quinoa
  • For soft drink, forget Coca Cola—try Inca Kola, Peru’s bubbling yellow alternative
  • For beer, Budweiser needs to make way for the always-drinkable Pilsen Callao

Being away from home for Thanksgiving might seem odd at first, but it’s actually a great way to reflect on what the holiday means to you while presenting a great opportunity to connect with fellow Americans. Something about being away from the usual trappings of the holiday season make the connections and the celebrations all the more special, and more personal as the festivities unfold in more intimate settings. Plus, with so much to see and do while you’re here, there are plenty of trips you can take to work-off all the extra calories that naturally come with Thanksgiving!

So, if you find yourself having Thanksgiving in Peru this year, or you’re considering being here in the future, you have a lot to look forward to as the holiday can be extended into a much bigger, cross-cultural trip full of adventure that will definitely be one of the more memorable you have had!

Make the most of your vacation time and post-COVID lockdown, come visit our amazing country and check out some fun tours you can do once you arrive.