Cruising The Amazon River!

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Published: 01-12-2021

The longest and most beautiful river in the world, the Amazon River, conjures up images of mystery, adventure, and biodiverse wonder that for so many, can feel a world away both physically and in feasibility. Not a whole lot of people know that visits to the Amazon are possible. For some reason, it always feels too hard, too extreme for the everyday man and woman to make their way to it and through it, but when you have an expert guide with you who understands the lay of the land (or more specifically, the jungle), that whole world you imagined suddenly opens up with boundless possibilities.

Jaguars, tapirs, anacondas, black caimans, and pink river dolphins are just some of the amazing wildlife you can see while you sit back, relax, and cruise through the Amazon River on our 5-day Amazonas Cruise. During 5 adventurous days onboard, you’ll witness magical sunsets, inspiring views, delicious locally prepared food by our chefs, and an assortment of wines, beer, Pisco sours, and freshly brewed coffee—in short, as much fun as you can have with liquid!

Valencia Travel Cusco knows how special a visit to the Amazon is for their guests, so we have designed a wonderful itinerary that will give you a unique experience each and every day. For example, while on this Amazon River boat trip we will take you to visit the Yagua Indigenous Community where the tribe’s chief will teach you about their history, and the importance of the Lupuna tree to the Amazon Rainforest. You will also have the chance to leave your mark for generations to come, as we participate in planting trees right in the heart of the jungle—a special gift to Mother Nature and a little something special that tells the world that once upon a time, you stood in the heart of one of Earth’s most spectacular and important wonders.

For the animal lovers out there (and really, who’s not?), we will also visit Monkey Island: a rescue centre for cute and playful monkeys that have been under threat from wildlife traffickers and hunters. You will have the chance to learn all about the closest primate to the human species, and when you get up close with the majestic Red Faced Uakari, or the bewildering Spider Monkey, how you view not just these animals, but all of those around the world—including from your home country—will change for the better. We’re all sentient beings no matter what we look like, which is why it’s important for us to care for the world around us, from the Amazon to beyond, and protect those that can find themselves in danger, which in the spirit of keeping animals safe and protected, will also bring you to a Manatee Rescue Centre.


The Amazonas Cruise includes all of this and more, and is a special Amazon River boat trip that will expose you to some of the most biodiverse nature on the planet. A trip often dreamed about, and not thought possible by the masses, is possible when you team up with our expert guides on this journey of a lifetime. Click here to find out more.