Discover Peru's History With Us!

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Published: 22-11-2021

Do you often wonder what life was like hundreds, even thousands of years ago?

Who walked the earth, what language they spoke, what their society looked like, and what their culture was all about? The rapid urbanisation of virtually every square inch of the world today means we are more alike than ever from a cultural standpoint. We know about the latest Hollywood blockbusters. We’re all streaming the latest releases from the world’s most famous musicians. Closer to home, we’re lucky enough to live in multicultural societies where in a single city alone, we can light the flames at a Korean BBQ, listen to the relaxing melodies of Greek music in a blue-and-white tavern, dine on fresh sushi at a Japanese restaurant, and throw ourselves headfirst into a carb coma with plenty of servings of Italian gnocchi.

But life wasn’t always like this. We weren’t always so ‘together’. Today, we have made leaps and bounds in understanding each other, no matter where in the world we live or where it is we come from, but centuries ago, the world was a lot more separate, which allowed certain cultures, like Peru’s Inca civilisation, to flourish with its own cultural identity free from outside influences. The study of archaeology is crucial to understanding our past, and if you’re lucky enough to be travelling to Peru in the near-future, what you will find is a whole world of history waiting to be discovered.

In the future, take a journey with us to the past and explore the history of Peru and it's many wonders on one of our half-day tours that will get you up close and personal with settlements that have been inhabited for more than 2000 years, such as those found in Cajamarca—the cultural centre of our beautiful country’s Northern Highlands. Cajamarca is a quaint town that is perfect for exploring, getting lost, and enjoying a little bit of contemplation about our life today that seems to move oh so fast. The colonial architecture here resembles a vivid painting, with its crimson tile roofs, warm stone brick churches, and flourishing greenery that adds a sense of romanticism to the city.

Or if you find yourself stepping off the plane, running across the tarmac and towards the bag carousel, eager as a beaver to discover Peru’s rich history right off the bat in Lima, you can join our Lima City Tour and Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology tour. The country’s capital means many things to many people—from nightlife lovers to surfing beachcombers, fine diners to musicians, but connecting and attracting all these people is a historic narrative packed with UNESCO World Heritage sites, ancient cathedrals, museums housing crucial relics from mysterious eras, and structures that tell the story about Peru’s powerful and influential past.

Both of these tours come highly recommended by thousands of our customers, and help to round-out a cultural excursion that will allow you to understand so much about our history and culture—and in return, we look forward to learning all about yours as the world becomes one again in 2022.