Peru's Palomino Islands

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Published: 08-11-2021

Off the coast of Lima exists a wildlife sanctuary where exotic marine life and birds call home. These cool, choppy glass waters glisten beneath the hot Peruvian sun, pulsating all shades of blue while the jagged, rocky islands reach up towards the sky, splitting the ocean’s waves in soft, white explosions as they crash against the boulders. Peru’s Palomino Islands are fantastic, but they strike a particular fascination with out-of-towners because when most people think of Peru, they think about all the magnificent inland wonders the country has to offer: Nazca Lines, the Amazon Rainforest, Machu Pichu, Cusco and beyond…

Little do they realise that Peru is just as incredible offshore as it is on land, and when you join our Palomino Islands tour, you’ll get to understand why. Venture with us as we don wetsuits and jump in the ocean to play with the friendly sea lions who love coming up and interacting with swimmers, as they glide by us in the water, as curious of us as we are of them. This is a surreal experience that will leave you speechless, and in awe of what feels like a genuine commonality amongst all living beings—surely changing your perspective of what it means to exist on this planet. One can’t help but sense that the sea lions view you as one of their own, and you will no doubt feel the same as they swim comfortably beside you amongst countless other species of fish.

On the Palomino Islands tour, you will also have a chance to see numerous exotic birds in their natural habitat, including the Guanay Cormorant, the Peruvian Booby, the fascinating red-beaked, black bodied Inca Tern, as well as the Red-legged Cormorant. The islands subsist of just four islets—a very small archipelago that punches well above its wait when it comes to marine biodiversity and wildlife diversity. This half-day tour is the perfect way to either start-off or cap-off your trip to Peru, especially given that most of your time will be spent in the highlands of the mainland on many epic journeys throughout the mountains and rainforests.

The Palomino Islands are something different to experience, and for most travellers, unexpected. One of South America’s biggest secrets is that while its countries host some of the most spectacular sceneries on the planet, the continent is as diverse as any other when it comes to life in the ocean and the beauty of its islands.

Check out this tour here, and make sure to book your visit to the Palomino Islands in time for your 2022 departure!