Relax Like Royalty

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Published: 16-09-2021

With there being so much to do on our tours, from the amazing Machu Picchu trips and other hiking adventures, to full-blown escapades taking you all around Peru, sometimes the best way to end a trip is to take a few days out to go at your own pace, chill, and be at peace in the moment.

Valencia Travel Cusco’s Los Baños del Inca half-day tour is the perfect way to relax in Peru by spending the day winding-down in a relaxing atmosphere while reflecting on the fun you’ve had, or for the fun to be had in the coming days. While many around the world know about us for our amazing cultural adventures, we also offer plenty of single-day tours for those wanting a nice and quick experience who may be short on time. With the Los Baños del Inca tour, you will have the opportunity to do as the Inca emperors did, and enjoy ancient thermal baths that have been used for many centuries by some of Peru’s oldest civilisations and its most royal.

And when we say royal, we really do mean royal!

On this relaxing getaway, you will sit in the very same baths that Inca emperors such as Inca Atahualpa enjoyed, meaning just like him, you really will be treated to thermal baths that are fit for a king and queen. These thermal baths are full of minerals absorbed by your body that help you to relax, reduce aches and pains, detox your skin, increase blood circulation, and are purported to heal various ailments as the sulfuric waters take effect.

Thermal springs are nature’s bath, and a great, natural way to relax in the outdoors while taking in your surroundings in a relaxing atmosphere. A favourite of locals, you’ll be in good company with this authentic experience that is by no means built for tourists like some other attractions around the world: having a dip in thermal baths is a past time enjoyed by locals who will be more than happy to share the experience with you.

Surrounded by lovely gardens and gorgeous scenery, with the mountains visible in the foreground, this is the Peruvian version of finding your Zen.

Make sure you book your place today—either side of one of our other amazing tours is perfect—and get the full royal experience you deserve.