Sacred Land of the Incas

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Published: 13-09-2021

An itinerary designed for the history buffs, budding archaeologists, and culture crusaders who want an experience that goes deep into the heart and soul of Peru’s spellbinding history, the Sacred Land of the Incas tour delivers highlight after highlight on a 13-day trip that puts the ‘act’ in ‘active’, because it’s a non-stop adventure from start to finish.

You’ll land in Lima on your first day and have time to get acquainted with your surroundings, relax, and enjoy Peru’s capital at your leisure. The following day is when you’ll meet your group and kick-start your trip with a walking tour showcasing Lima’s famous sights and streets, that combine a range of architectural styles from throughout history that today, make for a photographer’s dream as each corner, alley, and street surprises the beholder with artful detail, classic design, and if you’re lucky—inspiring street art.

The Sacred Land of the Incas includes an excursion to one of the world’s greatest mysteries—the Nazca Lines—which are enormous, detailed outlines of animals and other objects only identifiable from certain vantage points. How these were created with such accuracy and finesse, are theorised by archaeologists and just as importantly, why these were created in such abundance, we can only speculate. One conspiracy theory (which will make sense once you see the Nazca Lines for yourself), is that they were created by Aliens—crazy, right? Well, once you see and imagine how difficult these would have been to make, the theory isn’t exactly out of this world (pun intended!). Of course, there are more level-headed theories behind the Nazca Lines as well, each of which are intriguing in their own right.

Machu Picchu naturally makes this list, which is likely one of the key reasons you decided to book a Valencia Travel Cusco tour in the first place, and boy is it a sight to see. You’ll be the envy of the post-COVID world as you discover the ancient Incan ruins first-hand, marvelling as the sun rises over arguably the world’s most fascinating archaeological site. This tour doesn’t just hit the highest of highs way up in the mountains, but also takes you down through remote indigenous regions where you’ll get to visit floating islands made of reeds, and meet the locals who live there and who are thankfully willingly to share with us the ins and outs of how these structures are engineered!

Peppered throughout the adventure are visits to adventurer basecamp-slash-artisan town, Cusco, which is filled with history, artists, joyous bars and friendly locals. Pisco sours, ceviche, even authentic Japanese cuisine can be found within its walls, making it a favourite of every traveller that passes through as they are coming—or going—from their adventure.

There is so much more to The Sacred Land of the Incas tour, with this being a sneak preview behind the scenes of what you can expect.

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