Stargazing the Amazing Peruvian Skies!

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Published: 26-10-2021

The only thing as wonderous as travel is the mysteries of space, and on our Cusco Planetarium tour, which is located in the Llaullipata Forest, you will have the opportunity to see the mysteries of space up close and personal.

The mysteries of space know no limits: Who knows what is really out there? What exists beyond the stars? If life exists beyond our very own Earth? The Inca’s pondered this too, and on this trip you’ll learn all about their beliefs and interpretations of the cosmos, as you stargaze up at a pitch black sky that is perfect for viewing the constellations. For example, the Incas believed that everything in the universe was connected, and that the stars protected the animals here on earth, but the other learnings on this tour will really take you by surprise!

For the Incas, the sky was magical and not much has changed all this time later: The mysteries of the universe still capture our imagination, and the ways that various cultures throughout the world have theorised about “what it all means” could fill a hundred libraries. Are we any closer now than we were back then to understanding what space is all about? Science only takes us so far, and we are constrained by the knowledge and theories of today. On this tour, you might just find that the way you see the universe is very similar to how the Inca’s did, and depending on the clarity of the sky, we will also make us of the planetarium’s three powerful telescopes as well as an astronomical binocular.

Our half-day tour leaves from Plaza Regocijo in Cusco at 5.45pm, and usually finishes up around 8.00pm—just in time for you to hit the town as Cusco comes alive! Stargazing in Peru is a great way to make your time in Cusco more fun as you learn new and exciting things about space—after all, it isn’t every day that you’re travelling through a cool and chic town that just happens to have an eye to the universe on display.

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