The Lares Trek to Machu Picchu

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Published: 01-11-2021

If you are a first-timer coming to Peru, we’re going to guess that Machu Picchu is at the top of your hit list (and if it isn’t, here are a few words of advice: it should be). If you’re like us, you’ve been researching, reading, Googling, Reddit-ing, and deep diving into a plethora of travel blogs wondering what the very best route is on your journey towards the jewel of Latin America.

With so many treks at your disposal, and truthfully, with all of them being amazing in their own way, sometimes it can get a bit confusing. Valencia Travel Cusco offers a variety of treks to Machu Picchu and they are all special in their own way, but if you’re looking for an alternative to hiking the classic Inca Trail that is still highly regarded by the masses, then the Lares Trek might be just what you’ve been looking for.

Over the space of 7 days and 6 nights, you will experience breathtaking landscapes and a deeper appreciation of the Andean region than most other tours. For those that love trekking but who might be prone to shin splints or the occasional knee-pain, you will be glad to know that the Lares Valley Trek to Machu Picchu is slightly shorter in hiking length that the classic Inca Trail, and as we all know—even a few hours saved can make a world of difference if you’re experiencing a niggling sensation in your legs!

Hiking the Lares Trek tour includes the globally-revered Machu Picchu—a spectacle that has to be seen to be believed, as well as the quaint town of Cusco which is always buzzing with something to do (and which harbours a cool enclave of Peruvian artists), as well as Lares itself—all cushioned sweetly with 4 star hotels and return transfers, plus traditional meals prepared by either our travelling guides or taverns along the way.

The Lares Valley trek to Machu Picchu is ideal for those into hiking, cultural excursions, and the great outdoors (and after being in lockdown for a very, very long time, nature, being the best medicine, never looked so great). You get all of this plus an English-speaking tour guide and a small group of travel buddies to enjoy the journey with. Most of all, you will finally realise the travel dream of many nomads around the world, and that is seeing Machu Picchu up close and personal after a rewarding few days of hiking amongst nature, working up a sweat, and once again appreciating this beautiful world of ours now that travel is opening back up.

Start planning your journey today. Click here to learn more about our Lares Trek tour and book your trip for 2022.