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Lima, The City of the Kings

Lima the Capital city


Lima, known as the City of the Kings, is the Official Capital of the Republic of Peru, an obliged destiny in your next vacations, it is located in the central part of the Peruvian Territory, being its coasts bathed by Pacific Ocean.

Lima not only is the political capital of this country, to the contrary it is the Capital of the gastronomic boom of Peru, it is the capital of modernity in Southamerica and a place where you will be able to find a mixture of history and modernity.

Lima is furnished to make your visit an unforgettable experience, luxury and extravagancies of the capital of the Kings are at your entire disposal. By the moment the only airport that receives international flights from long journeys as the Jorge Chavez International Airport of Lima thus its first destiny in Peru will be the City of the Kings.

The cultural tourism is a strong current that goes in increase in the Capital of Peru, since the museums are totally innovated and the archeological centers are located inside the same city.

Lima conjugates from yesterday to today a great diversity of hints expressed in the cultural attractions of the Capital, a beautiful landscape that leaves an unerasable step in the memory of its visitors the Ancient City of the Kings of the Republic of Peru awaits you.


Lima the Capital of the Republic of Peru, is located en the central western part of Peru, located in the Peruvian Litoral and its coasts are bathed by the Pacific Ocean.

The weather of the city of Lima is varied, subtropical, humid and at the same time arid, desertic but at mornings it is very common to see the presence of light rains and moderated ones, with the running of the day the sun can be watched in its whole splendor.


The economy of the City of the Kings is established by the industry and the private foreign investment, most of the enterprises and companies of divers nature are located in the Capital and Lima is considered as a very important center of Conventions of Business in Southamerica.


The city of Lima was founded by the conqueror Francisco Pizarro in person on January 18, 1534 and created a new traditional Spaniard Capital, it was the proper conqueror with its sword drew one of the most important places of the history of Peru, the Main Plaza of Lima also known as the Weapons Main Square where on July 28, 1821 it was declared the Independence of this prosperous region.

The history of the Capital of our Country, got started much before the expansion of the Inca Culture. Since a civilization of the epoch of the pre-ceramic, the Caral-Supe culture, got developed at the north of the city of Lima with approximately 5000 years of ancient times.

Another of the most important archeological centers of the city of Lima is Pachacamaq, a religious mythical center from the pre-inca epoch that along the history got become in a very important ceremonial center, during the incan period this ceremonial center turned into the axy of the religiosity of the Inca Empire, dedicated to one of the main deities of the incan empire.

At the arrival of the Spaniards the new Capital of Peru was founded and the instalations and the most important colonial monuments of Peru were built like the colonial chatteaus or convents and temples that were furnished to be museums, in the main Plaza are located monuments like the Government Palace and the Cathedral of Lima.