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Inca Trail 2020 Early Birds Special!!!

Now is your chance to book your Inca Trail to Machu Picchu hike whenever you wish during 2020. We have a Q&A session to help you with any question you may have about this 2020 offer to the famous Inca Trail.

If you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We’ll be happy to help you.

Toll-Free U.S.A. & Canada: 1-(888)803-8004
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  • The Peruvian government limits Inca Trail traffic to 500 people per day, including guides, cooks, and porters who must carry all food, tents, etc.  No pack animals are allowed on the Inca Trail as their hooves would damage the ancient stone paths.

    The ratio of support staff to hikers is about 6 to 1, so actually, there are not many entrance permits for hikers! Every hiker must sign up through an authorized travel agent, usually months in advance since spots sell out very quickly.

    Planning and reserving your spot with months of anticipation is critical. Especially for the high-demand months from March to September.

    Also, dates around holidays sell out very quickly, just hours after being released.  All entrance spots are typically sold out 6 – 8 months in advance. This means that we need our list of trekkers and all your required data ready to book openings as soon as they become available, typically in the middle of December.

  • Booking the Inca Trail with us is super easy with our bi-lingual staff available 24/7:

    Choose three different dates: This is your really fav one and two more as a back-up just in case the fav one is not available.
    You’ll need to send us all the required trekker information (see below) and a $200 deposit for each trekker so we’re ready to book your dates as soon as they become available.  We take five different payment methods: VISA, MASTER, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINNERS CLUB, AND PAYPAL.
    You can call our toll-free numbers if you have any questions:
    After we receive your deposit, we’ll send you a confirmation email and request the following data for every traveler in your group. Please double check all information because any errors or changes could invalidate your entrance permits.
    Full name as it appears on the passport
    Passport number and date of birth
    Dates to begin your trek: please specify your first, second and third choices of start dates
    Type of Inca Trail service: Check
    Complete telephone number.
    Emergency contact name, phone number, and email.
    Once we have your information, we’ll put your reservation in the queue for your requested dates, and book your 2019 adventure as soon as it’s available!
    We recommend waiting to book your airlines tickets until we receive your Inca Trail to Machu Picchu permits.  Note that we can guarantee your trail dates in advance until we have your entrance permits.

  • We can change errors that are typographical in nature, or if there’s a new passport number. Complete name changes are not allowed because the Peruvian government does not permit travelers to transfer entrance permits. You must bring your old passport used to book the trip with you to show at the trail entrance and checkpoints (or bring a high-quality scan), and send us a high-quality scan of your new passport as soon as possible.

    Once we have your trek permits, date changes and cancelations are not possible. The Peruvian government tightly regulates entrances for this popular trek and does not allow cancelations, date changes or refunds. Once we have your permit to enter the Inca Trail in your name on your requested dates, it is 100% non-refundable and non-transferable.  The only way to change dates is to buy new entrance permits if they are available.

  • The official opening sale of 2020 Inca Trail entrance permits takes place at the end of this year. We will be ready to get your permits as soon as they become available. Once we have your permits, we’ll send a confirm email with the exact dates.  Then, we can help you schedule your flights or you can book your own, whichever you prefer.  We ask you to please look for our emails and answer as soon as possible in case we need to confirm the information with you.

  • Yes, you will save money because you’ll pay 2019 prices for 2020 services. We will respect the 2019 price of the Inca Trail against any increases made by the government or currency changes.  The trend is that the cost of the Inca Trail increases every year; for example, the entrance fees for the Inca Trail increased 90% from 2016 to 2019.

How to Book in advance:
Step #1 Choose the Inca Trail version and travel dates:

Toll-Free U.S.A. & Canada: 1-(888)803-8004credits cards

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