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Classic Inca Trail
Classic Inca Trail
Classic Inca Trail
Classic Inca Trail
Classic Inca Trail
Classic Inca Trail

Classic Inca Trail - Premium

4 days / 3 nights
Physical Difficulty
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The classic Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu is one of the most famous treks in South America, and for good reason. Mixing history and wildlife and spectacular scenery, this four-day, three-night adventure is an unforgettable experience, with a final destination -- Machu Picchu itself -- that ranks among the world’s most impressive archaeological sites. 

The classic Inca Trail is only about 42 km (26 miles) long, but it goes up and down and along mountains, rising up through three mountain passes, and generally takes a circuitous route through the tricky terrain in this part of Peru. That makes it a more strenuous 42 km than most, but also one with spectacular scenery, passing through various Andean environments including cloud forest and alpine tundra.

Along the trail, you’ll be trekking through an area of great biodiversity. At any moment you could come across orchids, foxes, cocks-of -the-rock (Peru’s national bird), spectacled bears, deer and many more species of flora and fauna. As you trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, you’ll also pass by other impressive Inca ruins, such as Wiñay Wayña and Phuyupatamarca. It’s an incredibly rich trekking experience, and that’s before you even reach your destination: the sublime mountaintop Inca citadel of Machu Picchu. 

It’s impossible to overstate the beauty of Machu Picchu, from its incredible architecture to the surrounding mountains and mist-filled gorges. But we won’t describe it all here. Far better if you come with us on the classic Inca Trail, with our professional guides, porters and talented cooks, and discover this magical trek for yourself.


Our Inca Trail adventure begins at 4:30 a.m., when we’ll pick you up from your hotel. We will then drive to Piscacucho, also known as Km 82, where the Inca Trail begins. Here we need to visit the control point and do all the official stuff before we can enter the trail, so you’ll need your passport and ticket. This is a good place to use the bathroom and put on insect repellent and sunscreen, as once we’re on the trail bathrooms and ot...

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    It’s another early start on Day 2 as we wake around 5:30 a.m. Our cooks will prepare a hearty breakfast to get your energy levels up, and you’re going to need it. Day 2 on the classic Inca Trail is generally regarded as the toughest day, and we have a steep ascent ahead of us. We’ll be following the Inca Trail along a route that was sacred to the Incas, as it rises up into the Apus, where the mountain spirits dwell. 


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      After another energy-filled breakfast, we’ll set off on a relatively gentle uphill trek to our first stop of the day: the archaeological site of Phuyupatamarca, "The City Above the Clouds," located at around 3,680 m. This enchanting Inca ruin features terraced slopes and five small stone baths that contain constant fresh running water during the wet season. From here, we have incredible views of snow-capped peaks in the distance, including Salkant...

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        Today we want to get moving as soon as possible, so we’ll wake at 4:30 a.m., have breakfast and then set off along the last section of the trail. We’ll walk for about 1.5 hours until we reach Intipunku (the “Sun Gate”), arriving before the first rays of the sun reach Machu Picchu. From the Sun Gate, at around 7 a.m., we can watch as the sun spills across the landscape, slowly revealing Machu Picchu and our first sighting of our f...

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          • Maximum group size is 16 people, the excursion leaves with at least 2 people 
          • Briefing to the tour one day before the trek at 19h00 
          • Accommodation: Ayapata Camp (1 night), Chaquicocha (1night) Wiñay Wayña (1 night) 
          • Transport: Private or share 
          • Your Journeys Highlight Moment: Machupicchu archeological site, landscapes 
          • Meals: 3 breakfast, 3 lunches, 3 dinners 
          • Inca trail and Machupicchu entrance fee 
          • Train ticket to Km 84 
          • Train ticket from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo station 
          • Round trip bus ticket from Aguas Calientes to Machupicchu 
          • First aid kit, if you are taking any medications, please bring your prescription with you 
          • Professional Guided tour ENG 
          • Snacks to be eaten throughout the day 
          • An assistant guide for groups of more than 9 people 
          • A chef trained for cooking on trekking routes and an assistant cook. 
          • Complete set of kitchen equipment and utensils. 
          • Dining room equipment which includes tables, chairs, and a dining tent. 
          • Water (you need to bring water for the first morning then we will provide you with drinking - previously boiled - water). 
          • 24/7 support and emergency line available throughout the itinerary. 


          • Minimum medical and emergency evacuation insurance 
          • Trip cancellation insurance or any other travel insurance 
          • Evacuation: in the event of a serious medical injury, we will coordinate with your travel insurance company to arrange evacuation 
          • Any activity not described in What's Included 
          • Meals and drinks are not specifying on the itinerary 
          • Personal equipment (Sleeping bag, walking sticks) 
          • Gratuities 
          • Travel insurance 
          • Personal equipment such as trekking equipment 


          These poles are designed to help you endure long treks into rugged, remote areas with a heavy pack. If you need a little extra support when walking, an adjustable folding walking stick is ideal. It has an aluminium body with plastic handles and base, it folds away neatly for easy storage when not in use.


          • Material: Aluminium
          • Length: 67–135cm
          • Shaft diameter: 16/14/12mm
          • SpeedLock Adjustment System
          • Flextip with interchangeable basket
          • Weight: 528g-650g (Pair)


          Inca Trail Porters Protection Law No. 27607(Dec 6th 2001). Decreed Laws Numbers 19990 and 25897 Article 3 Conditions of work:

          • Transport up to the point of departure to the end of the trip.
          • Limit of load up of 20 kilograms.
          • Warm equipment and accommodation
          • Special belts to protect their backs from injuries
          • Appropriate rest and sleep during the trip
          • Provision of sufficient food, and appropriate clothing
          • (warm jacket, rain ponchos, walking boots and backpacks)
          • Fair and decent Payment on time on Day 4 at 10am
          • Life / Accident Insurance the Social Security of Health
          • Social Assistance to our Porter`s families not only in Christmas.


          Porters are indigenous Cusqueñian people who have lived in Cusco, at 4,000 meters high, all of their lives relying on the land of the Andes. Due to economic problems, it is important for these local indigenous people to continue working in the mountains they know so well, rather than give up their jobs in the country to move to the city. They prefer to stay in their local villages and support the education of their children by working as porters on tours.

          Sadly, many tour operators don't give them the recognition they deserve. Often tour operators do NOT provide porters with adequate clothing or gear for carrying things while paying them very low salaries. Because of this, you will see thirsty, hungry porters with a low morale along the Inca Trail. Our government has created the Law of the Porter, which requires tour agencies to treat porters better and provide necessary resources for them, but sadly, many of these regulations are not met. Please make sure that the agency you book through respects the Porter Law and be sure to ask for proof of this. Otherwise you could be contributing to the ill treatment of these hard-working porters.



          • Size: LZ to RZ
          • Total Weight: 1,8kg/65oz
          • Fill Weight: 280g/10oz
          • Packed Size: 16cm x 25cm

          Temperature Specifications:

          • Extreme: -15°C/5°F
          • Comfort Limit: 2°C/36°F
          • Comfort: 6°C/43°F
          • Good Nights Sleep: 0°C/-5&32;F

          Important Note:

          Note that our sleeping bags are feather for those that are allergic



          Now featuring our exclusive Atmos Foam to further reduce weight and boost compressibility, the ProLite is the lightest and most compact three-season mattress available. Self-inflation keeps set-up super-easy and its die-cut foam packs small, easily fitting inside the most ultralight packs. It's ideal for high-mileage, high-speed journeys where every gram counts. Stuff sack included.


          • Lightweight: The lightest self-inflating mattress available.
          • Compact Warmth: Diagonal-cut foam and tapered shape provides efficient warmth withlimited bulk.
          • Highly Packable: Our exclusive Atmos Foam and a tapered shape keep the ProLite mattressextremely pack friendly.
          • Self-Inflating: Expanding foam core self-inflates; top off with just a few breaths forpersonalized firmness.
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          • Compact Warmth: Diagonal-cut foam and tapered shape provides efficient warmth with


          • 20 x 72 x 1.5 in

          Packed Size:

          • 11 x 4.8 in

          Claimed Weight:

          • 1 lb 4 oz



          Related Overview

          The Inca trail is one of the most famous and incredible trekking routes in the world! The Machu Picchu Inca Trail is one of the most impressive examples of the approximate 40000 kilometers of roads built by the Incas some 500 years ago! Incan road roads were built across the deserts, highlands and jungles stretching from south Colombia throughout Peru, Bolivia, northern and central Chile and to the northwest part of Argentina! The Inca Trail Tours starts in a typical Andean region and finishes in a jungle region going through cloud forests, Incan tunnels, bridges and snow on the way. Undertaking this trek is an opportunity to go back in time and live with the Incas for 4 indescribable days. Remember, the Inca Trail is not only for your feet but also for your mind!

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          Total distance to be covered on day 1: 12km (5 to 6 hours more or less)

          We will meet and pick you up from your hotel (less than 5 minutes from any hotel in Cusco!) at 4-4:30am (time to be confirmed at the briefing time) and travel by bus to Piskacucho (which is called kilometer 82) where the trail starts. There will be a breakfast stop in Ollantaytambo (6:30-7am) to load up on energy (breakfast is not included)

          Upon arri...

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          Total distance to be covered on day 2: 16km (8 to 9 hours more or less)

          After waking up at 5:30am (or 5:00 depending on your guide) and breakfast, we will start a steep ascent towards the highest pass (Abra de Warrmihuañusca or 'Dead Woman's Pass' at 4200m/13779ft). On this day, a real sense of achievement is felt upon reaching the top! After a rest here, we begin the descent to our lunch stop which is located at Pacaymay...

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          Total distance to be covered on day 3: 10km (5 hours more or less)

          This is the most impressive day (in our opinion) so just keep thinking of that on the ascent on day 2! We wake up for breakfast at 6am and start the day with a gentle climb to visit the archaeological site of 'Phuyupatamarca' (meaning 'Town in the Clouds') and reach the third highest point on the trail (3680m). The views of the mountains, canyons and surrounding ...

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          Total distance to be covered on day 4: 5km (2 hours more or less)

          We leave the last campsite at about 5:30am on the final day (breakfast is around 3:30-4:00am). It is an early start in order to get to 'Inti Punku' ('Sun gate') (2730m/8792ft) before sunrise. This is the place where you will have your first dramatic view of Machu Picchu (2400m/7873ft) with the sun rising over it! After some time there, we will walk down the last p...

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