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Travel Availability from January onwards.

The world is now a very different place than it was in 2020 and things continue to change on a daily basis, especially in the world of travel and tourism! Since November 2020, here in Peru, little by little the tourist attractions, archaeological sites and trekking routes are starting to open once more and Peru is currently receiving National tourism until all International borders re-open again. There are in fact some international borders such as Mexico, Spain, USA and most European destinations, now open, which has made us all believe here at Valencia Travel that things are starting to get back to some kind of normal and we are super excited! Here at Valencia travel we are now operating ALL of our regular treks and excursions for the first time since the pandemic began with the exception of The Inca Trail. The four day Inca trail is still closed to the public but we expect it to re-open very soon! This means that the incredible destinations available in the region are once more open to the public and international travellers.

Risk free flexible booking offer.

We appreciate that as the world is slowly returning to normal, that flexibility is a major factor, which is why we want to facilitate your travel plans and offer you peace of mind throughout your booking process. This is with the exception of the Inca trail, as we need to purchase permits in advance for this trek. We expect these to go on sale within the next few months, but there is no confirmed exact date as yet from the Ministry of Culture, who issue the Inca Trail permits, however, we are expecting more news very soon! We suggest you book now and leave it up to us to secure the permits when they do become available, knowing that if for any reason you cannot travel, we can always change your dates.

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Safety Protocols

Here at Valencia travel we take our passenger’s safety and security very seriously. This is even more so now that we are dealing with reactivation of tourism after the pandemic. We continue to maintain our protocols since the very beginning of the pandemic with extra cleaning and disinfecting of our vehicles, alcohol gel and facemasks readily available to all of our passengers and staff team as well as appropriate distancing in our vehicles and with respect to our group sizes. We are over the moon to have operated a number of groups over the Christmas period with all of our protocols in place and with maximum customer satisfaction. We are now waiting for you to come to Peru so we can once more, show you the best of this incredible country!