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Our COVID-19 protocols




Before loading passengers into the vehicle, you must wait outside the vehicle at least two meters away from the door of entrance. Once all the passengers have entered, they will proceed to close the door for the tourists. It is restricted to shake hands, hug or to assist embarking or disembarking of passengers.


A transparent division of hard plastic or polyethylene will be installed between driver and co-pilot. Our transport units will go through a daily disinfection process using a spray system. We will also remove the intermediate seats to allow distance between passengers. We will limit the number of passengers in our vehicles to 60% capacity. The maximum size allowed is 10 passengers per tour group.


Guides will also welcome passengers on board at a minimum distance of 1 meter. It is restricted to shake hands, hug or to assist embarking or disembarking of passengers.


Passengers must board vehicles respecting social distancing with guides and drivers. Members of the same family group will be allowed to use adjoining seats in private tourist vehicles. In vehicles shared with other travelers, the capacity will be restricted to the use of 60% of the total seats.



Office and bathroom cleaning will be doubled. Paper, hand sanitizing gel and / or alcohol dispenser will be installed. Employees must pass inspection with a digital thermometer before starting daily tasks. Office logistics will be optimized by acquiring furniture acrylic chairs that will speed up disinfection time. The use of PPE (personal protective equipment) and social distancing is mandatory inside and outside of work.



Drivers, Assistants and Guides:

  1. Temperature will be measured with a digital thermometer, and the temperature will be recorded for each staff member. If a temperature higher than 38 ° C is detected, corresponding action and diagnostic actions will be conducted.
  2. Washing with soap and water of hands, arms and face.
  3. Our guides will use PPE (pants, long-sleeved shirt, glasses and masks), which have undergone alcohol disinfection. Our drivers will wear biosafety suits.
  4. Male: Use of short hair, properly shaved as the use of beards or mustaches is restricted.
    Ladies: Hair up, and without makeup.
  5. Jewelry and beauty accessories will not be used.


  1. Each vehicle will have a sanitation tray for disinfecting shoe before entering.
  2. Cleaning and disinfection protocols will be doubled in all areas and surfaces of mobility, both for external use (doors, handles) and internal (floor, seats, fasteners, boards, seat belts, handles).
  3. Review of proper operation of the vehicle's audio system (microphone).
  4. Disinfectant gel / disposable alcohol wipes.


Service execution:

  1. Passengers must pass a digital thermometer inspection before boarding vehicles.
  2. Our guides will dispense gel or alcohol and respect social distancing while boarding.
  3. The guides will ensure that passengers wear masks.
  4. Drivers must restrict communication with guides and passengers on board as much as possible, everything must be coordinated in advance.
  5. Our drivers will exit the vehicle, to open and close the doors of the vehicle, as well as to arrange and store luggage.
  6. In the case of checked baggage, the driver will spray a solution of water with sodium hypochlorite on the surface of the baggage and distribute with a cloth, before placing baggage inside the vehicle.
  7. During service times, drivers will keep frequently touched surfaces clean and disinfected. Prior coordination with the guide for their support in opening and closing of vehicle doors.
  8. Air conditioning will NOT be used, unless it has a filter and a negative pressure extractor so that the circulation is in one direction.
  9. The guide must use the microphone to address the passengers and at all times must do so by directing his face towards the front windshield.
  10. The review of activities on the tours will be reviewed with the passengers, making use of each of their respective programs. The guide must receive a copy of the program to be executed for each tour.
  11. Tour guides will emphasize the safety procedures to be followed in place places to be visited.
  12. All material that is delivered to passengers must be packed in material that allows its rapid disinfection. The packaging material must be environmentally friendly.
  13. Passengers on board must respect social distancing.



  1. In the event that visitors do not stay overnight in Cusco, and are only passing through for the development of their tours, the luggage may remain in our warehouse in compliance with our care and cleaning guidelines.


  1. The units will be disinfected at the end of each service and thoroughly prepared for service.
  2. The guides and drivers will wash their hands with soap and water.
  3. Guides and drivers will properly disinfect their PPP.

Cleaning material for each Vehicle:

  1. Disinfection system.
  2. Water (90%), chlorine (10%).
  3. Cleaning staff will wear PPE.

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