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Alpaca Therapy

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 06-07-2022

Have you ever heard about Alpaca therapy? It is a relatively new concept that is very popular in some European countries such as Germany and also in Chile, and for some time now, it has been practiced right here in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, in Cusco, in the mountains, by the river, to the natural sounds of the countryside.  Do you want to live an unforgettable experience? Come with us on a visit to learn all about Alpaca assisted therapy in the Sacred Valley, and you´ll discover why this is something you must definitely experience on your trip to Cusco.


Peruvian Alpacas



What is exactly Alpaca Therapy?

It is an alternative way of tourism that brings together the beauty of the landscape and the mystical experience of alternative medicine related to the ancestral customs of the ancient inhabitants of Cusco, native to the highlands of Peru. It is an experience that creates a bond between the visitor, each member of the community, and these fluffy animals. The alpacas offer the visitor a pleasant and relaxing experience, generating calm and serenity.


Making Friends with Alpacas


What is the purpose of the Alpaca Therapy?

This experience has a main goal, which is to create a connection between visitors and the local animals. It also intends to show passengers how local people once lived in ancient Peru, during Inca times, while you take a walk around the Valley in company of a Llama or Alpaca. These beautiful animals have been part of the history of ancient Peru and they are as important today, as they used to be in the past. This trip will give you insight into the life of the Andean people and will bring you a little closer to know the authentic Cusco.


Alpacas by The Lake


What are the benefits of Alpaca Therapy?

Animal therapy is a very positive experience for the people who practice it, because it helps to decrease anxiety and fights depression. Increases self-esteem, calmness and develops social and emotional skills.  These fluffy friends look right into your eyes, making them feel peaceful and serene. The South American camelids are soft to touch and their wool is hypoallergenic, making it perfect for knitted garments. The Alpacas are kind, not aggressive and definitely not dangerous.


Loveable Alpacas


Where does Alpaca therapy take place?  

This experience starts early in the morning with you going to Chinchero, in the heart of The Sacred Valley and you will arrive at your destination, where the local community members are waiting for you with traditional music to fill your soul with Andean energy. Then we will hike to a Sacred River, where you will begin to interact with these beautiful animals. Alpacas and Llamas will walk by your side while you enjoy the stunning scenery, the flora and fauna of the area and ancestral routes in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. During the adventure you will be able to interact with local people and learn a little more about their ancestral customs and traditions. 


Local Woman with Her Alpaca


What role did Alpacas and llamas play in ancient Perú?

Alpacas, Llamas and even Vicuñas, were very important for the economy, between 1400 to 1533. But of course, they were not they were not the first civilization to use to these animals, other pre-Inca cultures incorporated them in their daily activities, long before the Incas. Maybe you didn't expect such an adventure on your trip to Cusco, combine ancestral medicine with experiential tourism and learn all about the customs and traditions of the Andean people. Enjoy every opportunity to get deeper into Cusco life, connect with the local people and meet these impressive animals, close-up!


Trekking With Alpacas