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Best gearless Hiking Destinations in Peru

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 28-11-2022

If you've ever been trekking in Peru or even seen pictures of where you could go, then you know it is a one-of-a-kind destination. With hauntingly big mountains, lagoons so blue you wouldn't believe it, and a chronicled history so engaging you could lose yourself in it for months and still thirst for more. What if you want to hike one of the epic trails in Peru but don't want to carry your backpack everywhere so that you can concentrate on the impressive scenery? Here are some of the best options for a Peru hiking trip where you don't have to carry all your gear with you!


Amazon Hike


The Salkantay Trek


After the Inca Trail, The Salkantay trek is probably the most famous in Peru, and one of the things that makes this trek so unique is that mules and muleteers are allowed along the Salkantay trail. You can concentrate on the terrain and take in the magnificent scenery, flora and fauna, and what the guide tells you. Each day when you reach the campsite, you will find your camp set up and will be greeted with a cup of tea and all your tents ready, and dinner on the stove… what is a better way to make a Peru hiking trip to the magnificent Machu Picchu?


Salkantay Trek- Hiker with Gear


The Lares Trek


Another gearless alternative is the Lares Trek. This trek is more for people who want to trek the Andes with a more cultural slant. You will pass through weaving communities and high-altitude villages, where the local people dedicate their lives to farming the land and llama and Alpaca breeding. You can witness many Andean schools in this remote region and even stay with a homestay family instead of camping! The third night of The Lares Trek is in a hotel before you visit Machu Picchu, which also reduces the camping days, and the muleteers, cooks, and horses will take care of the rest so that you can enjoy the stunning scenery and even try your hand at weaving!


Llamas on The Lares Trek


The Ausangate Lodge to Lodge trek

Trek through breathtaking scenery in the Vilcanota Cordillera and close to the highest sacred mountain in Cusco, The Apu Ausangate (Ausangate Mountain). This giant mountain is considered sacred and watches over life in one of the most pristine mountain ecosystems in the world. This trek will be accompanied by llamas and horses owned by shepherds of the nearby community of Chillca, who will carry all the gear. This Ausanagate hike also features unique "tambos" or lodges, where daily meals are prepared by experienced local chefs who introduce you to various delicious Peruvian dishes. To liven up some of the evenings, there will be authentic music played by local musicians. This trek is perfect for those who love to hike but are not too keen on spending a cold night in a tent. Instead, a luxury lodge awaits you each evening, and a comfortable night's rest, for each trekking day to make sure you have a good night's rest and can concentrate on the trekking!


Ausangate Trek


Lodges in Huaraz


This is an excellent option for those who want to experience the Cordillera Blanca and the spectacular trekking region of Huaraz. Some lodges can be a perfect opportunity to base yourself from the lodge and do a series of day treks to Huaywash, Laguna 69, Laguna Paron, Pastoruri Glacier, and other spectacular day treks in The Huascaran National Park. There are many luxury lodges in the region, and our Trave Designers can help you choose the best lodge to base yourself from!


Huascaran National Park


Gocta Waterfall


Gocta Falls, or Catarata del Gocta, is one of the top 10 tallest waterfalls in the entire world. Majestically hidden in the Amazonas region of northern Peru, this plummeting cascade reaches 2,530 feet (771 m). A trek to these falls is rewarded with a refreshing dip for the adventurous or, at the very least, a stunning photo from the base of the falls. Prepare to get wet, as the Gocta falls can create quite a mist around them. This day hike can be reached from Chachapoyas, so you can reserve this hike without having to worry about camping gear and food, which is included in the tour with Valencia Travel.


Gocta Waterfall


Colca Canyon 2-day Hike


This excellent option is in and out of The Colca Canyon. On the first day, you will hike down into the canyon into the town of Sangalle, the oasis along the Colca River deep within Colca Canyon. It is a green paradise full of hotels and hostels where you will spend the night after your first day of hiking. The following day you will return to the top of this incredible canyon. Enjoy the Condor Cross, where you can see these giant birds in action, and soak in the Yanqui hot springs on the second day to ease those leg muscles. 


Bottom of the Colca Canyon


There are also several one-day hikes throughout Peru, where you do not need to take camping gear with you. Ask our travel Advisors at Valencia Travel for the best options in the region you will be visiting for the best Gearless hikes available for your Peru Hiking Trip here.