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Corto Maltes Amazon Lodge

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 22-12-2022

The Amazon rainforest of Peru is one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet. It is home to 15% of all known species of terrestrial plants and around 10% of the mammals in the jungle. In one hectare of forest, you can find 300 different species of trees. In the Peruvian Amazon also home to 180 indigenous tribes living in the interior of the Amazon jungle, is the Corto Maltez Amazon Lodge that offers tours in the Amazon providing visitors with a unique experience. On this 4-day tour,  participate in the Cayman safari, and a visit to the fascinating Sandoval Lake. You will also have the opportunity to visit a family of native indigenous people from the Machiguenga ethnic group and visit the Taricaya center, where you can observe a variety of different animal species. Not only will you enjoy the stunning Peruvian jungle, but you will also enjoy tranquillity in the Lodges bungalows where you can rest comfortably and be prepared to experience a unique Amazon adventure. 


Amazon River



You will be transferred from the Puerto Maldonado airport to the lodge by boat.  Following a 40-minute journey upriver, you will arrive at the Corto Maltes Amazonia lodge.  You will receive a welcome drink and then settle into your bungalow.  At 3:30 pm you will take your first excursion into the Amazon, observing a large variety of medicinal plants, tropical trees, insects, and butterflies. During our 2 ½ to 3-hour walk, we will take a brief rest at a viewpoint to watch the magnificent toucans and other birds. After returning to the Corto Maldes lodge, we will take a boat ride for an exciting nighttime “Caiman Safari” to spot these creatures, who are more active at night.  





Today, you will visit The Sandoval Lake. After roughly 20 minutes of travel on the Madre de Dios river, you arrive at the landing stage of Lake Sandoval. During a 3 km hike through the wild rainforest, you will enter the Tambopata National Reserve, where you will have the chance to admire giant trees, different snakes, monkeys (squirrel monkeys, howler monkeys, and capuchin monkeys) and various bird species, most notably the Hoatzin, also known as the stink bird-, kingfishers and snakebirds. On Lake Sandoval, you will embark in small rowboats in search of giant river otters. We will also have the possibility to spot a good number of other reptiles, mammals, and birds in their natural habitat. Your guide will find an opportune spot where you can continue to observe the natural environment.  You will then visit a Shiringuero encampment, which is another one of the most important economic activities in the Madre de Dios region. This is a reproduction of a real camp, where you can see the process of collecting rubber (better known as latex), and see how it is used for a variety of products. You will also visit one of the two lookout towers of Corto Maltes Amazonía, with a height of 20 and 42 meters and designed for bird watching and the viewing of other types of animals living in the tree canopy. In addition, you will enjoy an incredible view of the sunset.


Stink-Bird, Sandoval Lake

Day 3

After a 20-minute boat trip downriver, we will arrive at a "chacra", which is a farm owned by a local family. Here we will recognize and even taste different seasonal tropical fruits as well as other native products (cacao, banana, cocona, bread-fruit, noni, yucca, lime…) This place belongs to a typical rural family that maintains with care and without chemicals some native plants that grow naturally. They sell their products in the main markets of Puerto Maldonado for consumption.  You will then visit a native Amazon community of the Machiguenga. The Machiguenga are one of the many ethnic groups that exist in the Peruvian Amazon. A family of native Machiguenga will receive us for a visit. They will show us the cultural value of their ancestors, as well as language and customs, including traditional clothes, hunting gear, handicrafts, and the music they play during ayahuasca ceremonies. They will teach us how to take advantage of natural products to make tools, and what they use to make their houses, dresses, and ornaments, each important for their daily life.




Day 4

Bright and early, at 5:30 am, head out for the 20-minute walk to the clay lick to see the stunning spectacle of parrots and parakeets arriving to eat the nutrient-rich clay necessary for their diet.  you will have the possibility to observe 3 to 5 types of parrots. The parrots come to the clay lick to ingest a particular kind of clay, only found in certain areas of this region. The clay is vital for the metabolic regulation of the birds, and therefore is host to a colorful and spectacular display. we will return to the city of Puerto Maldonado by boat. One of the Corto Maldes lodges' vehicles will receive you at the port. After a short stop at our office, we will drive to the local market where the local population supplies itself with food and other products. During a quick visit of around 20 minutes, you will be able to appreciate the different typical products of the area. You will then be taken to the airport for your onward flight to your next destination after an incredible jungle experience.


Parrots on The Claylick


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