How To Prepare For Peru After COVID-19

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Published: 25-05-2021

It goes without saying that the whole world has come to a standstill while the COVID-19 pandemic affects lives, economies, and industries—with the travel industry arguably being the hardest hit throughout this whole ordeal. Travellers around the world have been forced to put their plans on hold until the pandemic gets under control, and we are free to safely travel around the world again.

Once that day comes, the travel industry will explode in airline and tour bookings, countries will be given a much-needed boost economically, and travellers will once again have the opportunity to go on the kinds of trips they’ve been dreaming of. To help you prepare for when Peru opens back up, here’s a list of things you need to do to prepare for your next Valencia Travel Cusco tour.

Get Vaccinated For Everything (Not Just COVID-19)

While the most obvious requirement for worldwide travel will be to have a version of the COVID-19 vaccine for your protection, as well as everyone else’s, it’s important to not forget all of the other vaccinations you would usually receive before embarking on travel. Most commonly, these include tetanus, influenza, and typhoid fever, but it may be worthwhile speaking to your doctor about malaria medication and rabies as well. This, of course, is not just for Peru, but anywhere else on the planet, including Australia, Thailand, and Europe.


Make Sure You Have A Valid Passport

Depending on how frequently you travelled pre-COVID-19, you may not be aware of how close your passport is to expiring—and that’s if it hasn’t already expired! Make sure you check that you have at least 6 months validity until the expiration date before you plan on travelling (and if you plan on staying less than 6 months); otherwise, make the appropriate arrangements to get a new passport re-issued, which may also require a new photo.


Purchase Travel Insurance

To think that some people used to travel without travel insurance is crazy, but to think that some people would even consider travelling internationally after the pandemic, is even crazier. Make sure you have comprehensive travel insurance that covers incidents related to health, injury, and hospitalisation. You would rather not need it and have it, than need it and not have it—trust us. In fact, even pre-COVID-19 there was a requirement by various travel companies that the customer held travel insurance before they were even allowed to join the tour, and my bet is this is something we will see more of once we emerge from the pandemic.


Start Exercising

Start exercising, you say? Isn’t Passion Passport a travel publication, not a health blog? Well, if you’re going to prepare yourself for Peru, it means you’re likely going to end up on one of the country’s famous treks, such as Machu Picchu, and if you want this challenge to be exciting and fulfilling, then we highly recommend getting a base level of fitness before you depart. This is because if anything, you want to be tired after a full day’s hike in a good way—not exhausted to the point that you aren’t enjoying yourself. By no means do you have to train like a marathon runner, but it does make things easier if you start walking a few days a week for 30 minutes to 1 hour, and lifting some light weights for your shoulders, back, and legs, just to prepare your body for trekking across various terrain with a backpack.


Get Researching

While you may be coming to Peru for any number of reasons, it pays to do your research to see what else you can do once you arrive. This country offers so many amazing opportunities for you to explore its ancient culture, its great outdoor adventures, and its natural wonders that make it world-famous. If you’re coming just for Machu Picchu, have you considered staying longer to visit the Amazon Rainforest? If you’re coming to hit the beach and dine on delicious ceviche in Lima, have you considered going sandboarding while you’re at it? How about seeing the Nazca Lines? The Colca Canyon? Partying in Cusco?

There is simply so much to do in Peru, that it really pays to do your research to see how you can make the most of your time here, and so that you don’t leave feeling disappointed that you missed out on something spectacular!


Book Your Trip!

Now that you’ve got your vaccinations, ensured that you have an updated passport, purchased your travel insurance, increased your level of fitness, and planned the perfect Peru trip through copious amounts of exciting research, now the time has come to finally book your trip! Check out Valencia Travel Cusco’s Peru tours page to find the perfect tour for you, and if you’d like to speak to an expert about creating a custom itinerary, then click here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We can’t wait to see you in our beautiful country!