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La Collpa Hacienda Tour

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 30-11-2022


The Cajamarca region is located inland in northern Peru. To the west, it borders the coastal regions of Piura, Lambayeque, and Libertad. To the east are the regions of Amazonas and San Martín. Cajamarca extends north to the Ecuadorian border. Cajamarca is a city but has a small local town feel. As far as big cities go, Cajamarca still exudes Peruvian tradition and culture. The Quechua people with their large hats and traditional garb make up a sizable portion of the population. The events that took place in Cajamarca throughout the years also make it arguably Peru’s most historically significant city, rivaling even Cusco. Cajamarca plays an important part in Peru´s history, as this is where the last Inca, Atahualpa, met his demise at the hands of the Spanish.


Cajamarca is the thirteenth largest city in Peru, yet feels like a small local town. As far as big cities go, Cajamarca still exudes tradition and culture. The Quechua people with their large-brimmed hats and traditional clothes make up a sizable portion of the population. The events that took place in Cajamarca many years ago, also make it arguably Peru’s most historical city. Add it to your Peru vacation packages.

Cajamarca Countryside


Beyond Cajamarca itself, there are ruins and archaeological sites within an hour or two of the city. The Ventanillas de Otzuco, the Ventanillas de Combayo, Cumbemayo, Kuntur Wasi, and more can all be accessed from Cajamarca.  The cultures of Cajamarca are rich and varied, but the most prominent would be the Quechua. For a serene getaway from Cajamarca, visiting the Hacienda of La Collpa is an excellent option. 


The Cajamarca countryside is absolutely stunning. One of the points of pride of Cajamarca is its livestock production, which is well at home in the rolling green hills. It is perhaps the area of Peru where dairy resources are most used, with a varied production of cheeses that is the pride of its inhabitants. Central to this is La Colpa Hacienda. Visit on your Cajamarca tours.

La Collpa Hacienda


Located 11 km outside the city of Cajamarca, Hacienda La Collpa is pure countryside. The Ex-hacienda is dedicated to the raising of dairy cattle, and visitors can visit the cowshed, the Hacienda House, the artificial lagoon, the Virgen del Carmen Chapel, and the viewpoint which offers beautiful views of the green, colorful mountains. Today, the farm is dedicated to cow breeding and the sale of different dairy products and milk.


La Collpa is a pleasant hacienda in the Cajamarca countryside dedicated to farming dairy cattle. The particular thing about this farm is the "Call of the cows", who willingly go to their corresponding stable for milking or feeding. Every cow has their name which they answer to when called. Witness this curious activity on your Cajamarca Peru tours.

La Collpa Cheeses


Head out from your hotel in Cajamarca and meet some of the world's most famous cows and discover the favorite resting place of Inca nobles in times gone by. The  Hacienda La Collpa is dedicated to raising cattle, sheep, and other animals. The farm is famous for its unique practice of calling cows by their name. The cows are called to be milked individually by name, and incredibly, they respond to the calls of the farmer. Rumor has it that the farm’s original owner began the naming process by giving one cow the name of his wife. Watching these cows may make you re-think bovine intelligence.


Cheese is central to La Collpa Hacienda. This white creamy cheese is produced on the farm and is famous throughout the country. You can enjoy a delicious cheese board or picnic next to the lagoon, and cross the different bridges and gardens that surround it. There is also a chapel and the buildings that were part of the hacienda when it was in its heyday. Visit when you travel to Cajamarca Peru!

Bovine Friends


Also on this working farm is a beautiful chapel, workshop, and a man-made lagoon decorated with small bridges and surrounded by gardens. Ducks and swans sometimes inhabit the waters of this lagoon.
Hacienda La Collpa represents a typical Peruvian dairy farm and is the perfect city getaway if you are looking to relax a little and immerse yourself in nature for while. You can arrange this side tour from Cajamarca and depart from any one of the hotels in Cajamarca, during your visit to the North of Peru. 


Cajamarca is famous for its milk-derived products. As well as cheese, there are farming tools, leather goods, and other authentic souvenirs to buy in memory of your  Peru tour package. Dairy products made on the same farm are sold, such as traditional cheeses, manjar blanco, butter, custard, and Cajamarcan doughnuts. during your visit to Cajamarca!

Chapel, La Collpa

Contact us here to experience Peru at its rural best during your visit to Cajamarca, and one of the Valencia Travel travel designers will be happy to arrange your tour to the Hacienda La Collpa, for a truly unique and authentic experience on this typical Peruvian dairy farm.