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Solo travel in Peru

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 25-01-2022

We want to explain some of the pro’s and cons of traveling to Peru alone and why we feel Peru is one of the best destinations to go it alone. 

Enjoying Machu Picchu by yourself

1. Experience the endless amount of activities in Peru. It will come as no surprise that there is a lot to see and do in Peru. From the Andes to the Jungle and to the surf beaches of the North, Peru offers an incredible amount of diversity as a travel destination. Depending on what your interests are and what would make your perfect trip to Peru, you can arrange a specialized itinerary to cater for your every need and we are here to help you on your journey. 

2. You are never really “on your own” travelling solo. Anyone who has ever travelled alone can tell you that you are never really on your own. You are much more likely to strike up a conversation with other travellers, talk about your travel route or receive and offer helpful advice to others along the way. We do recommend some basic Spanish skills when travelling in Peru, not only will it increase the possibility of local interaction but will also help avoid any uncomfortable situations and of course it will widen anyone’s horizons on a trip to Peru. 

3. When all else fails, stick to the beaten track. What is locally known as the “Gringo trail” is the route from Lima, Ica Nazca, Cusco, Puno. While this route still misses out on some of the highlights of Peru, its a sure-fire way to meet other travellers along the route. Don’t forget that if you are looking to get of the well-trodden path, it’s much better and safer to do so, with some newly made friends. 

Meeting some friends along the route.

4. Most cities have a ready-made tour you can join. The amount of day tour and even multi-day tours are second to none, in Peru, with the exception of the Inca trail, which needs to be reserved a year or so in advance, most touristic destinations can be booked on arrival. These organised tours take the hassle out of arriving at a destination and not being sure what to do. It’s also an amazing way of meeting up with other travellers along the way. 

5. Peru has an amazing travel infrastructure. From regular internal flights to interprovincial buses to local “combis” there is virtually nowhere that is off limits! There are regular services to cities and villages of all different categories. The public transport is surprisingly efficient and relatively cost-effective so that you can explore all four corners of this amazing country. 

You can always rely on a good selfie

Valencia travel is always happy to arrange your travel plans and find the best way for you to travel, whether that be organised tours or in between destinations. Please feel free to contact us for more information on solo trips to Peru!