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The Misminay Community in Cusco

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 20-12-2022


Situated in the Sacred Valley of The Incas and just over an hour from the imperial city of Cusco and 20 minutes from the archaeological complex of Moray is the rural community of Misminay. One hundred twenty families live in the community preserving their ancestral traditions and customs.


Weaving  Demonstration


Thanks to the effort and teamwork of the community, tourism has become an additional income to agriculture which has positively impacted their quality of life. Including a visit to the Misminay Community in your itinerary will give you an insight into the everyday life of the local Andean community and enable you to make a difference to others.


Misminay Community


Community Greenhouse


The Misminay community greenhouse has been an invaluable asset to the community. It allows them to cultivate vegetables that otherwise would be impossible to grow at these high altitudes in The Sacred Valley. These crops are a vital part of their livelihood as a source of income and are used for medicinal purposes. Education about sustainable cultivation is also provided to the Misminay community, empowering them to make sustainable choices and create healthy and nutritious meals for their families.


Ingredients for Huacatay


Textile Manufacturing Demonstration


Learn about the ancestral process of manufacturing Andean textiles made from sheep's wool dyed with plants and natural minerals and using homemade tools such as small wooden boards and animal bones that the villagers use with the yarns.


Weaving Demonstration


Agriculture Demonstration


 This activity allows us to see the community farming activities firsthand. According to the season and the agricultural calendar, the community will be able to work the fields using ancestral techniques and traditional Andean tools such as the "Chaquitaclla" and the "yunta" with oxen to pull it.


Yunta and Oxen


 "Pachamanca" Lunch

The Pachamanca is a typical way of cooking. The dish is based on beef and chicken spiced with "huacatay" a traditional Andean herb, chili, cumin, and pepper as additional original Andean products such as potatoes and corn. This conventional method uses a base of preheated stones that make the food taste natural and earthy, very different from the typical food of the city. To accompany the delicious Pachamanca, you will learn how to produce 'Uchucuta' – a typical sauce made with a 'batan' (a large stone for grinding and milling commonly used in southern South America). 



Spectacular Views


Enjoy the exceptional experience of spectacular views over the Andean Mountains range in front of you, and beneath are the terraces of Moray without a visitor, as well as the Chicon snow-capped peak remaining covered by the clouds. 


Moray Archaeological Site


If you are interested in a visit to the Misminay Community for the complete Andean Immersion experience, as well as directly helping a traditional living Andean Community, contact us here.