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The Top 5 Family Activities in Peru

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 03-11-2022


Making sure your family trip to Peru is filled with unforgettable memories that last a lifetime is high on any parent's priority list when choosing an adventure holiday. A family tour of Peru is usually a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so be sure to do it the best way you can. Avoid the regular tours that herd you around one museum after another with bored and annoying kids begging to do something fun, get their hands dirty, or go on a real adventure. Don't think about leaving your kids at home when planning your family vacation in Peru. Peru offers exciting adventures for the entire family. Here are our top 5 family activities in Peru to make the most of your time in this beautiful country.


Family Sunset Time


Choco Museo Cusco

What could be more fun on your family trip to Peru than making chocolate and eating it? Head to the Choco Museo in Cusco, join one of its classes, enjoy the tour of the history of chocolate in Peru, or hang out in the cafe and enjoy all the delicious chocolate on offer. Choco Museo is an excellent hands-on experience for the entire family, with overtones of Willy Wonka!


Choco Museo


Lima Water and Lights

El Circuito Magico del Agua has no water slides, but it has plenty of watery fun for everyone. Cool down by running over the timed water fountain that shoots up from the ground or through the water bridge. Make sure you take a towel because the kids will get soaked, and you'll want to stay until nightfall for the water and light show. There is also a train ride that takes kids around the park. This might be the best way to spend a hot day in Lima on your family trip to Peru and escape from the capital's hustle and bustle.


Waters and Lights Park, Lima


Beaches in the North of Peru

Heading to the beaches in the north of Peru is an excellent option all year round for your family trip to Peru. With glorious sunshine, endless coastlines, and playing in the surf, it is fun for all ages. Mancora is a lively beach town; whether you swim with turtles, learn to surf, enjoy a spa, or have a lazy day hanging out at the beach, the town has something fun to do for all the family members on your family trip to Peru itinerary.


Mancora Sunset

Sand Boarding and Dune Buggies

Just three hours south of Lima are the City of Ica and the oasis town of Huacachina. Here you can practice your new-found surf skills on the semi-solid ground, but be prepared to fall down a dune or two! At least it's only sand. The town is surrounded by enormous dunes where you can surf the sand or enjoy a trip through the dunes in a dune buggy. Back down at the oasis, sip on a pisco sour or Chicha Morada for the little ones and enjoy a fabulous desert sunset.



Dune Buggies, Huacachina


A Trek to Machu Picchu


You probably thought that the Inca Trail or a multi-day trek might be too much with children; however, that is where we at Valencia Travel come in! Enjoy the 2-day Inca Trail that does not include camping, or if you are up for camping with the little ones, think about the 4-day Lares Trek for your family trip to Peru. This trek involves two nights of camping and excellent opportunities to interact with local native Andean children and possibly even visit an Andean school! We will be there every step of the way to set up the campsites, make the meals, and carry all belongings, and there is even a mule in case the children (or adults) get tired!


Arriving at Machu Picchu


Peru is blessed with many activities for adults, children, and anyone! So after this taster of the top 5 activities that Peru has to offer for your family tour of Peru, why not come and enjoy many more family adventures and activities with Valencia Travel for your family vacation in Peru?