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Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 09-06-2023

The famous Transformers movie franchise spent much of 2021 filming in Peru for the new Transformers 7: Rise of the Beasts, movie, which will be released in June 2023. The movie was filmed throughout various locations in Peru including Cusco, and Machu Picchu. According to the director Steven Caple Jr.- "Filming Rise of the Beasts in Machu Picchu was a great privilege. Our goal is to evoke the spiritual connection that is felt in sacred places like this and to enjoy what this great civilization has achieved. The movie is set in the early 1990s, “Transformers: Rise of the Beasts” stars Anthony Ramos and Dominique Fishback who lead a military and research team that get caught up in the conflict between the Autobots and the villainous Decepticons on Earth.


The inclusion of Machu Picchu in popular movies like The Transformers can often spark interest and curiosity about a Machu Picchu vacation package. This encourages people to learn more about its history and significance in the world today.

Transformers in Machu Picchu


Filming the Movie

The film crew for the movie was allowed to film in Peru just as the country had reopened to outside visitors after the Covid 19 pandemic. There were some restrictions for example in  Machu Picchu, there were conservation concerns over the franchise being allowed to film in the ancient ruins but they were only given permission from the Ministry of Culture to film at the top of the terraces over-looking Machu Picchu and that no robot or vehicle was allowed to enter the site. They were granted special permission to use drones over the ruins. Directed by Steven Caple Jr. the upcoming “Transformers” is said to have injected an estimated $10 million-plus into Peru’s economy. More importantly, it prompted the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to issue a new artistic production visa that provides special migratory status to visiting crew and talent, which in turn, facilitates the import of equipment and props. More than 30 vehicles, including trucks, high-speed cars, motorbikes, and VW classics, were shipped to Peru for the sci-fi movie. In the past, people had to use a journalist visa to work on audio-visual projects in the country, which was cumbersome, says producer Bruno Canale of Apu Productions, which provided production services to the reportedly $200 million movie.


Optimus Prime is known for his wisdom, leadership, and sense of justice. Optimus Prime would encourage you to visit Peru to experience Peru´s rich cultural heritage and historical significance. Places like Machu Picchu and other archaeological sites highlight the importance of preserving such sites for future generations.

Optimus Prime


Economic Impact

Shot in 2021 from late September to November, the production took over the towns of Cusco, Tarapoto, and the iconic citadel of Machu Picchu, among other key sites. “Hotels and other places opened up for us at a time when tourism was non-existent, due to the pandemic,” says Canale, who recalls that the production saved many from financial ruin, including a caterer who ended up feeding as many as a 1,500-plus a day on big shoot days. The Municipality of Cusco reports that at least $3 million was generated in that city alone from both the latest “Transformers” movie.


The film's portrayal of Peru's culture and iconic landmarks could enhance the country's global image. This will promote a greater understanding of its heritage and encourage people to travel on Peru vacation packages in the future.

Transformers in Peru

Location, location, location!

The film produced, among others, by Steven Spielberg, opens in Peruvian theaters on Wednesday, June 7, and is the seventh installment of the saga based on robotic cars and a large part of the plot takes place in Cusco. The director of the Ministry of Culture of Cusco, Maritza Rosa Candia, says that the film project respected the ruins of Machu Picchu during the time of filming, where the team had to face  “altitude sickness ”, like the traditions of the country, which opens up the world discover the Peruvian Andean culture. The affection shown towards the country is transferred to the characters, even if they are robots since the film portrays the Peruvian jungle as a place where the “Maximals”, the mythical mechanized animals, wanted to stay and learned to appreciate the human species. The protagonists travel through the jungle of Tarapoto with its imposing waterfalls, brave the roads of the Sacred Valley and run through the narrow streets of Cusco and even dance in the Plaza de Armas, which is filled with color thanks to the celebration of Inti Raymi- the festival of Sun.


Cusco is the most well-known region of Peru. The ancient Inca city of Cusco was built in the shape of a puma, with the head being located in Saqsaywaman. This was a military complex built with stones as large as 5 meters that weigh around 120 tons and can be visited on Cusco tours.

Transformers in Saqsaywaman


“They have showcased customs that take place every year such as Inti Raymi, and the colorful Plaza de Armas with people dancing, something that is also part of our tradition and culture,” said Candia, indicating that the spectators were going to be able to appreciate a living legacy of the country. To the rhythm of Andean festive music, the characters try to solve enigmas and discover fictitious temples inspired by the Inca Empire.

The blend of modernity, metal, transformations, and special effects with the traditional Andean culture occurs when the group of robots meets a native community called The Queros, a people who currently only speak Quechua and who helped the protagonists carry out their mission. The Ministry of Tourism stated that in addition to attracting visitors, the film captures the typical mysticism of the Inca capital and that it goes beyond the screen. “All Peruvians are going to feel super proud.”


Peru's diverse landscapes, from the Andes Mountains to the Amazon rainforest, offer a unique opportunity to connect with nature. On Peru tour packages you can replicate respect for the natural world.

Transformers in The Andes


Main Filming Locations

Cusco, a city with a lot of history was chosen for this unprecedented film experience, which captivated visitors not only for its tourist attractions but also for its beautiful landscapes and traditions. Now, Transformers fans and travel lovers have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the same energy that enveloped the cast and crew during filming in these stunning locations.

Machu  Picchu, the world wonder and UNESCO World Heritage Site is the perfect setting where several of the main scenes of Transformers movie were filmed. It is worth noting that Machu Picchu had never before been the setting for a movie, previously.


Machu Picchu, with its stunning beauty and historical significance, has been featured in several films over the years. Used as a location for the new Transformers movie,  you can visit Peru and see this amazing Inca site for yourself!

Filming at Machu Picchu



Before starting the filming in this place, the reproduction team and the actors participated in a sacred ritual (payment to the Pachamama, a customary ritual in the Andes before starting a new project) with a shaman, in the historical sanctuary to express their gratitude to mother earth and ask for the best omens for the success of the film. One of the most spectacular scenes in the movie is when they arrive at one of the most mystical and mysterious areas of the imperial city, the temple of Sacsayhuaman. 


Located in the northern jungle of Peru, Iquitos is ideal for nature lovers, hikers, and bird watchers in search of new landscapes. Imagine waterfalls and cascades falling on natural stones and forming pools in the middle of an intense green landscape.



Make sure you check out the new TRANSFORMERS: THE RISE OF THE BEAST movie that arrives in cinemas this week, to appreciate the best action movie immersed with traditional Peruvian culture!