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Tour Guide Spotlight: Introducing Rene Suyo!

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Published: 19-11-2021

Meet one of our fantastic tour guides who you're bound to come across on one of Valencia Travel Cusco's tours!

Join us on this week's Tourguide Spotlight for a quick chat with Rene!


What's your name?

René Ferdinand Suyo Huayhua


How long have you been a tour guide for?

10 years


How long have you been a tour guide for VTC?

5 years


Tell me about a hidden spot in Peru that you love, that most tourists wouldn't know about!

Raqch'i  is an Inca archaeological site in Peru located in the Cusco Region, Canchis Province, San Pedro District, near the populated place Raqch'i. It is 3480 meters above sea level and 110 kilometers from the city of Cuzco. It also known as the Temple of Wiracocha, one of its constituents. Both lie along the Vilcanota River.


What do you love most about Peru?

Cultural heritage and gastronomy


If there's one essential phrase that any traveler should know when visiting your country, what should it be?

You can do it super hiker !!!


What's the best local beer/wine/spirit, & dish, that new visitors to your country should try?

Pisco Sour and Ceviche. You can even do a Pisco Sour Tasting here in Cusco!


What's your favorite VTC tour, and why?

Hiking the Inca trail tour, because you can appreciate several archaeological sites and various microclimates.


What's the best memory you have as a tour guide?

The smile of tourists at the end of the tour.

A brief stop in the Inca Trail


What are you most looking forward to once travel fully opens back up?

Share my knowledge in relation to the Inca culture.


What is your favorite travel quote?

Travel, because money is recovered but time is not recovered.


How has travel changed your life?

I found my passion and happiness, thanks to this wonderful work.

Rene in the Inca Trail