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What Not To Bring to Peru

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 12-12-2022

When traveling to a foreign country, including Peru, it’s always an excellent idea to know which items you can bring with no problems and which ones you better leave home because restrictions or bans apply in the country. Sometimes certain items are best left off your Peru packing list to avoid any issues. The official list of restricted and prohibited items is long, but most things are not that a “normal” traveler would carry around. So here are just a few items you might consider NOT bringing into Peru that is on the list.


Lima Airport


Restricted Items

Restricted items need permission to be brought into the country. Depending on the article, it just has to be declared (and paid duty on it), or special requirements must be fulfilled, and a special permit must be issued. Items restricted by Peruvian customs require the appropriate permission(s) to bring into Peru. Without permission, they’ll be confiscated, and you’ll probably be fined. These items include, but are not limited to:




Weapons and ammunition
Cultural items and artifacts
Animals/wildlife Pets except for one dog or one cat, other animals, and animals under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) - get in contact with the nearest Peruvian consulate and Senasa.
Plants and plant products
Agricultural pesticides
Veterinary products
Food for animals 
Car Parts or spares for motor vehicles, motorcycles, mopeds or ATVs, motor homes or trailers; boats of all kinds including jet skis and aircraft (importantly, “aircraft” also includes drones*, see below.


Illegal Animals


Drone to Peru

Peru has eased up its drone laws, and anyone can bring a drone into Peru if it weighs 2 kg or less. You also no longer need a special license from the MTC, Peru’s Ministry of Transport and Communication. However, you must declare your drone upon entering Peru and pay 18% of its value as a deposit, which is refunded when you leave Peru (you’ll be given a receipt, so don’t lose it). Some people have successfully entered Peru without declaring their drones, as not everyone is checked. But if caught entering without saying your drone, you will be slapped with a hefty fine (half the cost of your drone). By paying the customs fee, you also get a temporary operations license to use your drone legally in Peru (but not for commercial purposes, this requires a special permit from the MTC).


Drone on The Beach

Items Prohibited by Peruvian Customs Regulations 


Peruvian customs entirely prohibit these seemingly random things. Some are more logical, yet be careful with some items on the list. You must not enter with the following:


Drugs, narcotics, and medication containing narcotics (Including CBD).
Used clothes and shoes not considered for personal use
Any beverage named “Pisco” not produced in Peru
Used car parts
Some pesticides and other chemicals


Chilean Pisco


If you want to bring something to Peru that is out of the ordinary, or you are not sure about a specific item on your Peru packing list, please consult your Travel Designer here, who can give you more information and guidance. Happy Travels!