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Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 18-08-2023

Traveling to a country as diverse and culturally rich as Peru is an incredible experience that can leave a lasting impact on both the traveler and the destination. As tourism continues to grow, it's essential for visitors to be mindful of their actions and choices to ensure that their presence contributes positively to the local communities, environment, and culture. This article aims to provide valuable insights and guidelines on how to be a responsible tourist when exploring the enchanting landscapes and vibrant traditions of Peru.


Being a responsible traveler in Peru involves being mindful of the local culture, environment, and economy. On your Peru vacation packages, it is important to have a positive impact when  you visit Peru.

Peruvian Family in The Andes


Respect Local Culture and Traditions

Peru boasts a remarkable cultural heritage that includes ancient civilizations like the Inca, as well as the customs and traditions of its indigenous communities. As a responsible tourist, it's crucial to respect and appreciate the local culture. This includes dressing modestly when visiting sacred sites, asking for permission before taking photos of people, and refraining from disrupting religious ceremonies.


On Peru tour packages, it is important to respect the local culture. Learn about the customs, traditions, and etiquette of the places you visit in Peru. Respect local dress codes, especially when visiting religious sites, and ask for permission before taking photos of people.

Andean Traditions


Support the Local Economy

One of the most effective ways to positively impact a destination is by supporting its local economy. Prioritize staying in locally-owned accommodations, dining at local restaurants, and purchasing handmade crafts and products from local artisans. This practice ensures that the money you spend directly benefits the communities you visit, creating a sustainable source of income for them.


On a Sacred Valley tour from Cusco, visit a traditional weaving community. This offers travelers the opportunity to engage with local people. It also gives the opportunity to learn about traditional weaving techniques and support sustainable tourism practices.

Community Weaving Projects


Choose Sustainable Tour Operators

When planning your trip to Peru, opt for tour operators such as Valencia Travel that prioritize sustainability and responsible tourism practices. Look for those that follow ethical guidelines, focus on minimizing their environmental footprint, and support local initiatives. Responsible tour operators often provide educational experiences that foster an understanding of the local culture and environment.


Support local businesses. Book your Peru adventure tour with a local Machu Picchu travel agency. Opt to stay in locally-owned accommodations, eat at local restaurants, and shop at local markets. This helps support the local economy and gives you a more authentic experience.

Valencia Travel 


Porters Rights

If you are planning to trek along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, select a tour operator such as Valencia Travel that values and respects the rights of porters. Ethical tour companies ensure that porters are treated fairly, paid decent wages, provided with proper equipment, and work in safe conditions. They limit the weight porters carry and prioritize their welfare throughout the journey.


When booking your Inca Trail Trek to Machu Picchu, make sure you book with a responsible Machu Picchu tour company like Valencia Travel. Ensure that they provide fair wages, proper equipment, and adequate support for porters who carry all the supplies during the trek.

Respect Porters Welfare


Minimize Plastic Waste

The issue of plastic pollution affects destinations worldwide, and Peru is no exception. Bring a reusable water bottle and a cloth bag to avoid single-use plastic items. Many hotels and restaurants in Peru are adopting eco-friendly practices, so support their efforts by using eco-friendly products and avoiding unnecessary plastic consumption.


Make sure that on your Peru Machu Picchu trip, you travel with a reputable tour operator Like Valencia Travel. Check that they have policies in place to minimize waste, reduce carbon emissions, and protect the natural environment on Inca Trail trips.

Avoid Plastic


Conserve Natural Resources

Peru is home to diverse ecosystems, from the Amazon rainforest to the Andes Mountains. Be conscious of your water and energy usage, especially in regions where resources might be scarce. Opt for eco-friendly activities like hiking and wildlife spotting that have minimal impact on the environment.


Conserving the natural resources of Peru is crucial for maintaining the country's biodiversity and preserving its natural beauty. Book your Peru adventure tours to remote regions with responsible Peru tour operators.

Ausangate Lagoon


 Wildlife and Nature Interaction

Peru is known for its unique wildlife, including the majestic condors and colorful Amazonian creatures. However, it's vital to maintain a respectful distance from animals and their habitats. Avoid touching, feeding, or attempting to get too close to wild animals, as this can disrupt their natural behavior and ecosystems.


When observing wildlife, maintain a safe distance. Don´t disturb their natural behavior, and never try to feed them. Support conservation efforts on your Peru holiday packages by visiting responsible wildlife sanctuaries.

Alpaca farms


 Dispose of Waste Responsibly

Whether you're exploring the bustling streets of Lima or the remote trails of Machu Picchu, always dispose of your waste responsibly. Use designated trash bins and recycling facilities, and if none are available, carry your trash with you until you find an appropriate place to dispose of it.


Responsible rubbish disposal is crucial for preserving the environment and protecting wildlife in Peru. Use designated bins for rubbish disposal along trekking routes such as The Salkantay Trek. If there are no bins available, hold onto your rubbish until you find a suitable place to dispose of it.

Waste Disposal


Being a responsible tourist in Peru is about making conscious choices that preserve its cultural heritage, protect its environment, and support its communities. By respecting local traditions, supporting the local economy, and choosing sustainable practices, you can leave a positive impact on this beautiful country while creating unforgettable memories for yourself. As well as being a responsible traveler,  remember that your actions as a responsible traveler can create a positive impact on other travelers, and inspire others to follow suit,  ensuring that Peru remains a vibrant and cherished destination for generations to come. Find out more here about how to be a responsible traveler in Peru!

Take the time on your Peru adventure packages to understand the Andean cosmovisión. This is the worldview of Andean cultures. It includes concepts of reciprocity, harmony with nature, and the importance of community.

Andean Traditions