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The Delfin III 5 day Amazon Cruise

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 14-11-2022


Are you looking for one of those special life moments on your vacation, memories that will stay with you forever, a connection with mother nature that you have never experienced, and a unique visit to this incredible River? In that case, the 5-day Amazon Cruise along the Amazon on the Delfin III could be the tour for you. There are a number of Delfin cruises. The Delfin 1 Amazon cruise is the most exclusive, with just 12 passengers aboard. The Delfin ii Amazon River cruise has space for 30 passengers, and the Delfin iii is the largest of the Delfin cruises and houses 44 passengers simultaneously. These magnificent luxury cruises along the Amazon offer all the creature comforts for a remote Amazon experience and one of the best ways to explore the Pacaya-Samiria Nature Reserve in Peru. The cabins of the Delfin iii triple-decker ship have floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing you to enjoy the stunning Amazon rainforest all day long, whether from the plunge pool when looking up from your book while sipping a pisco sour on the upper deck or any of the numerous land excursions included in the cost.


Delfin iii




The itinerary of Delfin III offers the perfect balance of water activities and land excursions, as well as visits to local communities and wildlife rescue centers. The luxurious Delfin III offers its passengers an illuminating journey that will immerse you in nature's mysterious and fascinating wonders as you explore the delights of the Peruvian Amazon. Your tour begins in Iquitos, where you will be picked up and taken to the ship. In the following days, you will experience an ideal combination of natural wonders, dramatic scenery, indigenous cultural history, and a relaxed self-contained way to explore the rainforest while sightseeing nature at its best.


Jaguar Hunting in the Amazon


Our five-day itinerary on the Delfin III offers travelers the chance to be one of a select group to visit the remote Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, the largest protected wetland reserve in the world and one of the areas of highest biodiversity. All activities have been carefully selected to showcase the best flora and fauna that the Marañon and Ucayali Rivers offer, allowing travelers to further discover the secrets of the Peruvian Amazon. All itinerary activities are optional, although we encourage all guests to explore their adventurous side. The 2 or 3 daily excursions (one in the morning, one in the afternoon) include kayaking in the calm creeks and lakes, swimming with dolphins, fishing for piranhas at sunset, skirting the riverbanks in search of playful creatures, birdwatching, trail walks, and visits to local communities to interact with the indigenous people. Optional early birdwatching excursions before breakfast are also available for those who are up for the challenge!


Pink River Dolphin


Explore the Amazon jungle from boats or on foot and submerge in the spectacular views of the Amazon Rainforest with local experts and naturalist guides. Navigate the Amazon River and marvel at its exotic and diverse wildlife: multicolored fish, toucans, caimans, river turtles, and many more fascinating species.


Blue and Yellow Macaw



The Birth Place of the Amazon & Bird Island

 As dusk settles over the Amazon, you will arrive at the convergence of the Marañon and Ucayali Rivers. This is considered the birthplace of the mighty Amazon River. You will head further downriver to a national reserve called "Bird Island". With a glass of bubbly in hand, observe thousands of macaws returning to the island's protection for the evening. The sight, sounds, and experience are breathtaking, soaring in circles above.


Hike a Nature Trail

As the sun rises over the Pacaya-Samiria National Park, head off foot into the jungle looking for animals. With the assistance of an eagle-eyed guide, spot anteaters, squirrel monkeys, tree snakes, and countless exotic birds. In the Amazon, the early bird does catch the worm, and animal sightings are numerous; definitely worth the early alarm call!



Rare Monkey


Visit a shaman/ healer.

Just a short distance walk, you will visit a ritual center, an open-sided round wooden structure with a thatched roof. Illumined only by a few oil lamps and with the sound of the jungle in the background, there is a mysterious and magical feel about the location. Learn all about what it takes to be a shaman, the typical healing plants, and the weekly ayahuasca ceremonies. 


Amazon Shaman


Swimming in the Amazon

Jump into the Amazon River for a unique experience full of man-eating animals. The Delfin 3 provides swimming floats for those less-strong swimmers. Surrounded by pristine jungle will offer many wildlife encounters as you float along in the current, and if you are lucky, some of the native pink dolphins may join you!  


Amazon River View


A learning experience about manatees and other endangered species.

As part of your cruise, you will visit the Rescue & Rehabilitation Center of River Mammals (ACOBIA), where you will have the opportunity to feed manatees and learn about these docile creatures and why they are on the endangered species list. In addition, other animals in the center have been rescued from capture and other threatening conditions. These include monkey species, river otters, and more. A band of dedicated volunteers works hard all year round to ensure their efforts are sustained.



Delfin iii Dining Room


Delfin III Facilities

Split between the lower and middle decks; the Delfin iii offers 19 Standard Suites, 2 Corner Suites, and 1 Owners Suite. Suites offer either a queen bed or two-standard single beds per cabin, and all come complete with air-conditioning, marble bathrooms, and a floor to ceiling panoramic windows. The comfort level of the cabins aboard the Delfin III is high, similar to a 4-star hotel standard. The luxury comes in the details, like the elaborate daily towel arrangements, the turn-down service complete with hand-made chocolates, a beautiful presentation book about the Amazon (a gift), and the welcome bottle of icy Cava. Covering almost the top deck of the Delfin III is the lounge and bar area. This fully air-conditioned space has large lounger chairs and sofas where guests can relax and mingle. A large wooden bar decorates the rear of the lounge, where attentive bartenders offer round-the-clock cocktails and drinks. Beers and Pisco Sours are included, while wines and premium liquors are charged at additional cost. Here you'll also find the coffee station and late-afternoon snacks. At the rear of the boat on the same deck is a small round dip pool. The spa is also located on the same deck. The spa facility is small but adequate, with just one masseuse (the only female crew member) and one massage table. Basic body massages, hot stone treatments, and facials are all available.


Onboard Dip Pool


Allow yourself to feel relaxed and be enchanted by the experience of floating down the Amazon on a luxury boat with all the creature comforts on offer. The crew aboard the Delfin III make this trip more than just a visit to the jungle; by offering the best of Peruvian hospitality in every sense and are ready to cater to your every need aboard the Delfin III. It is no wonder that Delfin Amazon Cruises are recognized by the luxury brand Relais & Châteaux and have featured in Forbes, Condé Nast Traveler, and the National Geographic Traveler.


Amazon Sunset


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