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Is It Safe for Women to Travel Alone in Peru?

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 03-03-2023

Peru is a relatively safe country for women to travel alone. It is generally rare to encounter any situation that will make you feel uncomfortable or insecure. Traveling around Peru is generally safe and reliable so it is a country that a solo female traveler can travel to without any serious issues. Here is some useful information about travel safety for women traveling alone in Peru


Rainbow Mountain


Just like most tourist destinations, in Peru, there are always some safety threats and precautions to bear in mind. Generally speaking, in Peru, petty crime, muggings, pickpocketing, credit card fraud, and some sexual harassment, unfortunately still occur.  The chances are slim for a tourist but it’s important to be vigilant, smart, and use common sense. Deciding to do a solo trip to Peru is always tricky, and it depends on the continent, the country, and the region in specific, as to the problems you could encounter.  Sometimes it can be a hard decision, putting yourself more at risk and making your family nervous about doing things solo as a female. Traveling alone as a woman in Peru gives you the ultimate element of freedom, But with freedom, comes responsibility. You may feel more vulnerable in terms of your personal safety, lonely at times, or feel the pressure of having to deal with and do everything by yourself. All the main decisions begin and end with you, and only you. The good news is that Peru has a lot of solo travelers with whom you may cross paths with. People who may share their knowledge and experiences with you and guide you to a safe and enjoyable Peru trip.


Machu Picchu


Travel Safety

The threat of crime is no greater in Peru than in other countries in the world. However, this does not mean that crime does not exist, but this does not represent a major difficulty for women who wish to travel on their own. Although normally any woman can feel safe in Peruvian territory, you can expect to attract a little attention without company. In case your friends cannot travel with you, it is not a reason to cancel your long-awaited trip. Traveling alone is a beautiful and self-discovery experience. In general, the different tourist sites in Peru are highly safe. Consequently, those adventurous women will not have great difficulties traveling through Peru. You will even find many things to do in Peru to keep you entertained and busy. But in any case, it is a good idea to: 

Keep away from isolated or suspicious places
Don’t take a cab alone
Avoid Hitchhiking
Don’t leave drinks unattended


Lima Airport

El "Brichero"

Machismo and male chauvinism are both alive and well in Peruvian culture. As a female traveler, you’ll almost certainly experience some form of street harassment in Peru. This type of harassment is rarely aggressive and is normally limited to childish comments and catcalls known as "piropos". The vast majority of women traveling alone in Peru never experience any major problems beyond catcalls and may be an instance of petty theft.


Machu Picchu


Female travelers in Peru can also be taken advantage of emotionally. A  "brichero" is a particular type of male Peruvian who targets female tourists intending to forge an intimate relationship for personal gain. These men happily play the role of an enamored devotee, as long as their foreign conquest pays for everything, including, ideally, a plane ticket back to the traveler's home country! Of course, this isn't always the case just something to bear in mind if you do become involved with a local in Peru.


Rainbow Mountain


Please ask here if you have any questions or concerns about solo female travel in Peru!