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Safety Precautions in Peru - UPDATE 15/7/22

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 15-07-2022

The US embassy in Peru has recently placed Peru on a Level 3 alert and suggest that US citizens reconsider traveling to the country due to the increased crime levels in some areas of Peru. As a whole, Peru is generally as safe as it has always been and the main tourist destinations remain entirely unaffected, meaning that you can enjoy your Peru Vacation to the full.


Cusco Street Scene

Important areas where there has been a rise in crime, post-pandemic

The Colombian-Peruvian border area in the Loreto Region has seen an increase in crime levels.
The Apurímac Valley, Ene, and Mantaro Rivers, including areas within the Departments of Ayacucho, Cusco (remote jungle areas), Huancavelica, and Junin, due to sporadic VRAEM activities relating to crime and terrorism. Luckily, these areas are very far away from the traditional touristic circuit.


Tourism Police in Peru


Peru Summary

Crime in general, has been rising in the country, including petty theft, muggings, car-jackings and assaults, among other crimes. These are a reality in Peru and can occur during daylight hours and even in populated areas.  The crime risk increases at night so it is best travel during the day, wherever possible. Be aware that there is an increased possibility of these types of crimes, however don’t let this slight increase in delinquency, affect your vacation and take the necessary precautions.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has determined that Peru has a moderate level of COVID-19.  Masks are still required in most indoor buildings throughout the country and outside in most areas in Peru.


Lets Explore Peru!


Additional precaution


Be extra careful when participating in Ayahuasca and Kambo ceremonies. There has been an increase in reports of severe issues while under the influence of these substances. There have been reports of sexual assault, rape, theft, serious health problems and injuries, and even death, while taking part in these activities. Always go to a recommended treatment center and investigate the best and safest option.


Trekking The Cordillera Blanca


When you travel to Peru

Always be aware of your surroundings.
Check local reports for breaking events and adjust your plans as necessary.
Follow your countries travel recommendations if you visit Peru
Review your Embassies webpage.
Prepare a contingency plan for emergency situations. 
In the region of the Colombian-Peruvian border in the Loreto Region, it is recommended NOT TO VISIT at the moment.


Llamas at Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain


Please bear in mind that these travel restrictions represent the issues happening in Peru and reflect the general safety of travel in remote areas. It is highly recommended NOT to travel in these regions at the moment and stick to the regular touristic routes which are much more stable and offer a safer experience for travelers. The major touristic routes are still safe and of little risk to travelers. As always, we recommend traveling with the usual precautions and avoid the above-mentioned areas. Use a reputable Travel Agency to travel in Peru who ensurenthat you are completely safe at all times and who will not venture into the higher-risk areas. Be conscious but not overly paranoid about your visit to Peru and let Valencia Travel take care of your safety.

Happy Travels!


Happy Peruvian Child