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The Maniti Eco-Lodge 5-Day Program

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 14-12-2022

Iquitos is a fantastic jungle city in northern Peru. This is Peru’s gateway to the Amazon Rainforest near the famous Amazon River. As this is the entry point to the Peruvian Amazon, the abundant nature is the biggest draw for many people to Iquitos. There are incredible wildlife sightings, tall emergent trees, and delicate flowers to see as you’re guided around the Iquitos Amazon Rainforest. One of the excellent Amazon options for a 5-night stay in The Amazon is the Maniti Eco Lodge.


Aerial View of Maniti Eco Lodge next to The Amazon River


The first thing to note is that Iquitos is the largest city in the world, unconnected to any other by road. Iquitos is an island in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest accessible by either plane or boat. This matters, of course, as this will be how you will arrive in this tropical jungle city. Just 45 minutes downriver in a protected reserve, See pink river dolphins, black caiman, turtles, and different fish in the waters and a variety of wildlife in the forest. One of the most loved animal groups is the other species of monkeys. In the Iquitos Amazon,  you can spot howler monkeys, tamarins, pygmy marmosets, titi monkeys, sakis, squirrel monkeys, and capuchins. You will then spot caiman lizards hanging from the branches over wet areas, tamandua tree-living anteaters, two sloths sitting in the trees, and many different plants. Many other birds in the Iquitos rainforest include cotingas, paradise tanagers, oropendolas, hawks, cranes, cormorants, hoatzins, macaw parrots, and toucans. The reserves contain over 600 different species and make an excellent place for birdwatching.
The Maniti lodge was carefully designed to offer travelers comfort while preserving the environment and surrounding rainforest ambiance. The cozy private bungalows are constructed entirely of secondary-growth rainforest materials and nestle well concealed into the lush surroundings.


Twin Room at The Lodge


Each bungalow is well-ventilated and comfortable with amenities including a high thatched roof, a shaded terrace, a private bathroom with a flushing toilet, and a cold shower- who needs a hot shower in the Amazon? Locking doors & mosquito netting for each bed (although you will be surprised at what little need you will have for this item due to the lack of insects). The Maniti jungle lodge in Iquitos, Peru is safe and very relaxing, it is just not a luxury retreat, and you must be ready for a place that does not have the modern amenities (electricity available from 6 pm to 9 pm only, for night reading & recharge your camera batteries, no internet, no a/c).


Pink Dolphin

There are several public areas, including the spacious dining room with a bar and a large hammock room. In the evening, the property is lit up with multiple kerosene lamps. There is limited electricity in the evening, allowing travelers to charge their items. Maniti lodge offers the right amount of comfort you need, a clean, comfortable bed, and a good shower without spoiling the natural feel that such an experience should have. I loved that the winets only covered the windowsnight sounds were magical, and the air inside was always fresh so that you could safely connect with nature.

Monkey in The Amazon



You will visit Monkey Island, located about 15 minutes from the Lodge, where we can interact and observe a variety of monkeys, such as; Wooly monkey, squirrel monkey, and masked monkey, amongst others. Also, we will observe giant anacondas, boas, and other animals that can only be seen in the Amazon.

Dolphin watching session at the camp where we will have the unique opportunity to see the pink freshwater dolphin. If we are lucky, we could have the chance to swim with them in the Amazon River. 

You can head out on a night hike to see particular species that only come out at night, such as lizards, snakes, spiders, frogs, caiman, and monkeys.

You can venture out to go anaconda spotting and enjoy rainforest hiking. 

You can also interact with a native Amazonian tribe and learn about their jungle way of life.


Amazon Tribe


Find out more about the Maniti Lodge here and speak with one of our Travel Advisors!