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10 peruvian delicious delights and why you need to come to Peru to try them!

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 18-01-2022

Peru is the culinary capital of the Americas! This is not a coincidence! The wide variety of delectable dishes are a combination of different geographical areas and the wide variety of cultural influences, make dining an original and authentic pleasure. Here is our list of the top 10 Peruvian dishes and why you should try them! 

Freshly-made Ceviche 

1. Ceviche 

Ceviche is Peru’s national dish and why it is number one on our list. This coastal delicacy is made from raw, marinated fish and seafood combined with chilli peppers and the type of acidic lemons that you can only find in Peru. The popular Peruvian dish is usually served with sweet potato, or yucca, salty “canchitas” (toasted corn kernels) and a lettuce leaf. The fish used is usually the catch of the day; however, in the Andean region, this is mainly trout due to it being one of the few fish native to the region. The famous Peruvian dish is a must-do on your trip to Peru, after all, when in Rome…..! 

2. Guinea Pig (Cuy)

Just as the coastal area has its delicacy, the mountain region also has its traditional cuisine. Guinea Pigs or as they are called locally, “cuyes”, are farmed on a regional level and is the family favourite for special celebrations. The Andes is famous for this delicacy and can either spit roast or oven cooked and is often served with a variety of native potatoes, rocoto relleno (see below) or Andean corn on the cob. The Arequipeñan version is called Cuy chacteado, which is flattened and deep-fried. The guinea pig will be served complete with its head and the head is actually many peoples favourite part and the most delicious part of the cuy anatomy. 

Traditional serving of "Pollo a la Brasa"

3. Pollo a la Brasa 

While we are on the topic of national plates, “Pollo a la Brasa” is actually the unofficial dish of the whole of Peru. This spit roast chicken, covered in a mixture of soy sauce, bell peppers, cumin and garlic is a national institution and most street corners come fully equipped with a Polleria serving this national plate. It is generally served with fries and a side salad and MUST be tried when visiting Peru. 

4. Rocoto Relleno 

This traditional Peruvian chilli pepper is specially prepared not to be quite as spicy as it is in its natural form. They fill the centre of the pepper with a mixture of beef, onions, peas and may or may not be covered in a deep-fried batter and can be a meal on their own or used as a “side” for a lot of traditional dishes. 

Creamy Papa a la Huancaina

5. Papa a la Huancaina 

This is a delicious dish of potatoes covered in a cheesy chilli sauce and served cold. The dish can be an accompaniment or a dish served on its own and a popular choice for Peruvians at mealtimes. 

6. Lomo Saltado 

This fusion dish of Peru and china is a mixture of strips of beef onions and tomatoes with fried chipped potatoes in a soy sauce dressing and served with rice. This an obligatory inclusion on any menu in Peru is served with rice and a national favourite. 

Stir-fried Lomo Saltado

7. Anticuchos 

Anticuchos can be found on basically every street corner. This Peruvian “Shish Kebab” is made from beef hearts and a potato on the end of the skewer. You can occasionally find chicken versions also, but beef is the main ingredient. 


8. Chifa 

It may sound strange, but Chinese food is a mainstay in Peru and there are cheap and delicious menu places all over Peru. Popular Peruvian dishes include Aeropuerto, which is fried rice and a sweet and sour chicken or pork dish, noodles, and other classic Chinese flavours which arrived with Chinese and Korean immigrants in the 19th century.  

9. Choclo con Queso 

Is exactly what it says it is! Huge Andean corn on the cob with a slice of cheese. This is an Andean tradition as a whole but is enjoyed throughout all the regions of Peru. 

Sweet and delicious Picarones

10. Picarones 

We cannot forget the desserts of Peru and picarones are probably the most delicious and traditional sweet dish. The batter is made from sweet potato and deep-fried and served with honey or syrup and similar to a doughnut, perfect on a cold night anywhere in Peru with a hot chocolate!