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The Muyuna Lodge

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 30-12-2022


Muyuna Lodge is a small rainforest lodge located in the upper Amazon River. Its remoteness gives an intimate experience that guarantees the spotting of monkeys, birds, sloths, pink dolphins, fish, and caimans in their natural habitat. The Peruvian Amazon is an unparalleled haven of biodiversity. The Tamshiyacu Tahuayo National Reserve is a protected area located in Iquitos, Peru, and was established by the Ministry of Environment in 2009. The reserve covers an area of 4,200.8 km2 that includes flood and highland forests of the Peruvian Amazon with enormous biodiversity. There are hundreds of species of mammals, primates, fish, reptiles, and birds, including several that are in danger of extinction, such as the Curassow bird. “The reserve was established to conserve the ecosystems, as well as the ecological and evolutionary processes of the area, guaranteeing the sustainable use of wildlife by the local population.” Thousands of visitors enjoy outdoor activities such as wildlife, camping, walking, boating, bird watching, and fishing. Only the companies that comply with all the protocols and requirements established by the government of Peru can be within the reserve. The Muyuna Lodge, in collaboration with local communities and NGOs, protects the reserve from loggers, fishermen, and illegal hunters, maintaining the region's biodiversity and spectacular flora and fauna. Muyuna maintains a tight relationship with San Juan de Yanayacu village, which benefits from ecotourism.


Muyuna Lodge

The Activities at Muyuna Lodge


Your stay in Muyuna Lodge includes several excursions on foot or by boat. You will make many jungle trips to spot the many animals and birds. However, you also sail in small boats to many lakes. You can even swim in one of the lakes. Head out looking for the pink and grey dolphin, and you fishing for piranhas. You have a permanent guide during your stay who knows a lot about the animal world and plants. You will learn a lot about the medicinal power of plants used as medicine by the indigenous population for centuries. You will also visit a traditional village, where you can learn the local customs, visit a school and buy some souvenirs. The jungle is impressive. The trees are immense, and the jungle is very dense. The guide has to make his way with a machete regularly. And of course, you see a lot of animals and can hear even more. A trip in pitch darkness shows you a lot of insects, including tarantulas. “More eyes are watching you now than leaves in the forest,” said the guide. There are so many different bird species that it is a delight for bird lovers to spend a few days here. 


Iguana, Muyuna Lodge


The Accommodation


The lodge consists of the main building and 15 bungalows. All buildings are on stilts because the water rises considerably in the rainy season. The houses are made of wood with thatched roofs. The rooms are spacious and have good beds. The bathroom is lovely and has a nice rain shower. You get a delicious meal in the main building three times a day, with mostly local dishes. Even piranhas are on the menu. All meals are included in the price. The drinks you want to order, you pay for yourself. The staff at Muyuna Lodge are accommodating, and the guides are very knowledgeable. The Muyuna lodge tries to operate in an environmentally-conscious way. There is a lot of recycling, and they try to avoid waste as much as possible.


San Juan de Yanayacu Community near Muyuna


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