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4-Day Inca Trail Premium Service

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 21-10-2022

So, after contemplating your next marvelous adventure, you've decided to hike the Inca Trail and see Machu Picchu. It has been listed as one of the top 5 trails in the world. As you traverse the mountains, the trail takes you through a dramatic range of landscapes, including lush forests, subtropical jungles, and arid high-altitude zones. In addition to that, you also get an impressive mix of Inca paving stones, tunnels, and incredibly well-preserved ruins. Very few places awaken people's curiosity, create a sense of awe, and cause a gravitational pull toward them. For avid hikers, going to those places and experiencing the beauty of the trails is a dream that must come true. It is no wonder that this ancient path, made of giant stones, constructed over gorges and deep cliffs, leading toward high Andean mountain passes and mysterious archaeological complexes, overlooking impressive glacial valleys, with some of the most beautiful snow-capped mountains, which the Inca considered deities, is on most peoples bucket-lists.


Machu Picchu


The Inca Trail is considered one of the best hiking trails in the world and is the most popular trekking route in Peru. However, only a few people get to enjoy this adventure due to the tricky availability of the trail. To book this epic trek, you must reserve permits at least 6 or 7 months in advance. In high season, the permits for the high season sell out the same day they go on sale, which is in October of the previous year!


Unique Experiences


At Valencia Travel, we have specially designed a Premium Inca Trail package for those looking for a private trek with an element of comfort and all the stress taken out of this trekking experience. Most people will join an existing group for the Inca trail, and many agencies offer group services. However, this can be a somewhat unpredictable adventure for a few reasons. What happens if other people trek slower or quicker than you? What about the bathroom facilities? What happens if I don't want to trek in a large group? Each person's requirements differ dramatically, so we designed our Premium 4-day Inca Trail, especially for people looking for a stress-free, relaxed, and wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime trek.


Remote Campsites



If you plan to trek with your partner, spouse, or as a couple, The Premium Classic Inca Trail will always be the best option for most people. Couples will enjoy this route that offers walks surrounded by beautiful landscapes and, as a grand finale, the spectacular view of Machu Picchu. This private trek provides more privacy, but you can dictate the pace, stop for impressive photos where you like, and even some people have "popped the question" on this epic trek!


Romantic Dinner


Trekking with the Family

If you are trekking with children, the premium Classic Inca Trail is the perfect way to enjoy the trek without worrying about holding the group back or noisy group campsites where partying takes priority over the trekking. This premium trek means that all your needs are more focussed on you and your family; for better explanations from the guide to all of the gear you need, such as sleeping bags, mattresses, walking sticks, etc., all included so you can concentrate on your little ones.


Machu Picchu from Above


Older Trekkers

Maybe you prefer a more tranquil and relaxed experience along The Inca Trail. Talking about flora and fauna, taking photos, finding out more about the impressive history of the trail, or simply dictating the pace of the trek to suit your needs. The premium Inca trail is perfect for those in their twilight years looking for a completely different way to hike the trail.


Bucket List


Special Interest Groups


Maybe you are fascinated by the array of orchids along the trail or are a professional photographer looking for the perfect images for your album; Or a work group looking for a team-building experience. Whatever your interest, the premium Inca Trail is ideal as we can specifically cater to your needs instead of bowing down to the rest of the group. After all, this is a bucket–list trekking experience!


Mind-Blowing Mountain Range


Whatever your reason, The Premium Classic Inca Trail is an excellent way of experiencing this once-in-a-lifetime trek. You can choose your exact dates as long as you book well enough ahead and there are permits still available; we include the "Extras" such as sleeping bags, walking sticks, and mattresses, as well as well-earned beer or glass of wine with your meal, we carry private toilet facilities instead of using the communal bathrooms at the campsites, a personal chef who will prepare your preferred dishes, along the Inca Trail and the luxury that many do not experience along the trail, a hot shower! Then after the Machu Picchu visit, we return on the Vistadome train to gaze at the surrounding magnificent mountains and contemplate the incredible experience we have just taken part in on the impressive Inca trail high in the Andes before you are transferred to your hotel in Cusco in private transportation.


Magnificent Temples


Contact us here to learn more about the Premium 4-day Inca Trail service by Valencia Travel, and start planning your premium dream trek now!