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Coronavirus Update in Peru, October 28th 2022

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 28-10-2022

Due to the constantly changing situation around Covid 19, we would like to keep you updated about the current restrictions for travel in Peru.



The Peruvian government has published a series of measures and recommendations nationwide to confront the Covid 19 pandemic in Peru. According to the Supreme decree N° 018-2022-PCM, dated 1st of October 2022.


Respect social distancing with no less than a 1-meter distance
Wash your hands regularly.
Use a facemask or double mask in health facilities, public transport, and closed buildings without ventilation.
Using a face mask in open spaces and well-ventilated buildings is optional. 
For people with respiratory illnesses, using facemasks remains obligatory in open and closed spaces.
Using a facemask is optional for students and teachers in schools and education facilities.
Avoid large gatherings.



General Recommendations


If your flight has a layover in Peru, you must show evidence of a double vaccination plus booster for those over 12 if you want to leave the Airport building. Failing this, a negative molecular test no older than 48 hours may be presented. If you are in transit, you do not need to show a vaccination card. 

Masks should be worn in enclosed spaces, a KN95 is recommended, but a surgical or cloth mask is also accepted. Business entry may require a double mask, so have one in your pocket. 

Interprovincial travel (bus travel) requires evidence of a triple vaccination for those over the age of 18 and double vaccination for those over the age of 12. Non-residents of Peru only need a double vaccination.

Air travel through Peru requires proof of double vaccination for non-residents over the age of 12 and triple vaccination for Peruvian residents over 18.

Entry to Peru requires evidence of double vaccination for those over the age of 12, as well as the completion of a travel affidavit. 



Public and private entities:

Ensure the property is well-ventilated, with open windows and doors wherever possible.

Prioritize working remotely and staggered entrance and exit times of employees.

Entrance into commercial or shopping centers:

If you are 18 years and over, and you must enter busy commercial centers, shopping malls, galleries, supermarkets, markets, restaurants, enclosed spaces, casinos, etc. You should show your vaccination card, either physical or virtual, demonstrating that you have received your total dose of the covid 19 vaccination in Peru or abroad.




Workplace activities

If you work in an office environment, you should present your full vaccination card with the total dose against COVID-19 in Peru or abroad.

If you do not have a complete vaccination card, you should work remotely, wherever your work allows you to do so.


Travel to Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is once again operating at 100% capacity. 

According to the new provisions established by the Peruvian government, it is no longer mandatory to show the vaccination card when boarding trains. Also, the use of face masks is optional for both train and connecting bus services.



All the best, and travel safely!

The Valencia Travel team