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FAQs Luxury Tours

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 12-09-2022

Are there any special dress codes I need to know about?

People in Peru tend to dress quite casually, although they will dress up for special occasions such as church, weddings, and special dinners. As a visitor, you are not expected to dress up, even in the fancier hotels and restaurants, although you are welcome to do so should you wish to. Visitors to some churches are asked to wear long trousers or skirts and cover their shoulders.


We are celebrating a special occasion. What can be arranged?


Your Travel Designer will plan activities to make your special day one to remember, whether it’s a candlelight dinner, side-by-side massage, a sunset horseback ride, a shamanic ceremony, the luxury Hiram Bingham train to Machu Picchu or a romantic picnic in the countryside, we can add-on several exquisite services to our already, comprehensive packages.


Fine Dining


I will be traveling with children. What do I need to know beforehand?


Family travel is one of our fortes. Our Travel Designers can recommend certain hotels and destinations that we highly recommend and are ideal for children. Please note that some hotels are very strict about the number of people in one room. Usually, a maximum of three adults are allowed in one room, except in specific cases such as ‘family rooms. Please note that children (usually 10 or 12 years, depending on the hotel) are considered adults and are charged accordingly.


I'm not interested in doing anything touristy. Can you arrange a visit to some off-the-beaten-track destinations?

Our travel experts know all of the best-hidden gems, and we pride ourselves on having the expert knowledge to take you to places tourists do not usually visit. For example, you can visit a small traditional village far from the tourist attractions, stay in a local home, or dine with a local family.


Glamping in Huacachina


What is an excellent timeframe to make changes if I need to change my travel dates (or postpone my trip due to COVID)?

Ideally, let us know as soon as possible. Generally, it would help if you let us know at least 45 days in advance to make changes. That gives us enough time to change dates and re-arrange your options.


Can I use credit and debit cards in Peru?

In most towns you visit, there are cash machines from which you can withdraw cash from your account. You can withdraw in either dollars or local currency. Sometimes withdrawing dollars has reduced charges (check with your bank). If we are going a little more remote, such as a trek, ATMs are more limited, but we will always let you know in advance. Many hotels,  larger restaurants and stores in Peru (or those parts of groups/chains) will accept payment by credit card.


Do I need to purchase travel insurance and medical evacuation insurance?

We strongly recommend purchasing comprehensive travel insurance and medical evacuation insurance. Travel insurance offers protection against unexpected circumstances, including trip cancellations, interruptions and delays, baggage loss and delays, medical emergencies, and other problems. Medical evacuation plans provide additional protection if you visit more remote regions of Peru.


Medical Evacuation



Will I be affected by altitude sickness, and what can I do to prevent it?

Some people who visit high altitudes, such as those in the Cusco, Puno, or Colca Canyon regions, feel little or no effects of the altitude, whilst others feel downright ill. It is impossible to predict who will suffer from altitude sickness, and there is no previous indicator of a good or bad experience at high elevations.  Symptoms include light headaches, nausea, loss of appetite, trouble with sleep and lack of energy. Generally, most people can control their symptoms by keeping hydrated, eating little and often, avoiding alcohol and taking things easy for the first few days. Most hotels in high-altitude areas have oxygen tanks at reception if you need to use them. Some doctors prescribe medications to help prevent symptoms. Speak with your doctor if you think you might require this option.

Are tips included, and if not, how much is expected?

Tips are not included in the cost of your tour. Tipping is not obligatory in Peru but is a kind gesture, gratefully received when you feel you have received excellent service. We recommend a 10 % tip in restaurants, to guides and porters etc. However, this can be higher or lower as you see fit.


Can you make restaurant and spa reservations or suggest shopping locations?

We provide our clients with extensive restaurant recommendations and are happy to make advance dining reservations. From haute cuisine to traditional favorites, we know all the best places to have several exquisite dining experiences. Likewise, our Travel Designers know all the most luxurious spas in the region. We will gladly book appointments for you at any destination and provide spa menus in advance. We are also happy to customize an entire spa tour. Our Travel Designers maintain a vast knowledge base of the best local craftspeople, shops, markets, and other sources of high-quality goods to purchase your souvenirs or items of interest.


Spa Services



What happens in an emergency during one of your tours?

Each of our travelers receives detailed contact information and around-the-clock emergency contact information. Additionally, we recommend purchasing comprehensive travel insurance and separate emergency evacuation insurance through a provider that will fly you to the hospital of your choice, should you need it.


Who are your local guides?

Our exceptional guides have been carefully selected for their knowledge, professionalism, experience, and ability to run groups with genuine attention to detail. We work exclusively with local guides who are licensed and certified. All are fluent in Spanish and English, and some speak local indigenous languages. Our team of guides offers priceless insights into the true nature of their homelands, adding infinite value to the enjoyment of the trip to Peru.


Can I add on extra tours/ services?

Of course! Our Travel Designer will assist you with any added-on or upgraded services to create the perfect package for you. 

If I have special dietary requirements – will they be catered for? 

As in other services we provide, we will do our best to accommodate all dietary requirements; There is a wide range of dining options in most places and on a trek, we will cater to all nutritional requisites.  Please let us know when booking any food requirements or allergies, and we’ll pass the information on to our team. 


Vegetarian Cuisine


Can I drink the local water in Peru? 


Water in Peru is not recommended unless it has been previously boiled/ treated. Luckily, drinking water is widely available, and hotels often allow you to fill your water bottles with their purified water.


Are luxury tours physically demanding?

If you want to lie in a hammock and do as little as possible, we can arrange that! Or maybe, you want to be trekking in the high-altitude of The Andes and see stunning, panoramic views? Or, perhaps you prefer to focus on cultural interaction during your trip?  To determine what trip suits you best, each of our trips comes with a physical rating to let you know how physically demanding it is… or isn’t. If in doubt, ask your Travel Designer. 


Trekking Tours