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Glamping in the Sacred Valley of the Incas

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 06-01-2022

Glamping or luxury camping is one of the newer, luxury experiences when travelling in the Cusco region of Peru. You can experience the connection with nature around you yet still have the level of comfort of a 5 star hotel. After a hard day of exploring the Sacred Valley of the Incas, maybe the last thing you want to be worried about is pitching your tent, cooking a meal, inflating a mattress, and NOT having a shower! If you want to experience the Sacred Valley of the Incas with a modicum of comfort, then glamping is a totally different way to see the valley. If this sounds like your “thing” then read on! 

Skylodge pods in the Sacred Valley


By definition, this is not really glamping but I will include it anyway! These transparent pods allow you to be surrounded by nature whilst hanging off a cliff face, yes! a cliff face! This adventure starts with a sheer face rock climb, harnesses and climbing gear included from the base of the mountain, up to your capsule. If rock climbing is not your thing, then there is a slightly longer alternate hike up to the pods. These luxury capsules have a 300° vantage point over the whole of Sacred Valley and the views are spectacular, to say the least! All pods come equipped with a private bathroom, curtains for those private moments, a king-size bed and gourmet meals on request. Breakfast is included the following morning before you zip line back down the mountain! 


Eco spirit 

This incredible glamping option is located at the bottom of the stunning Patacancha valley and surrounded by the Pumamarca mountains. These eco-friendly, luxury tents are heated (yes!) with king-size beds, private bathroom, comfortable facilities WIFI and ecological toiletries. The sustainability policy of Eco spirit means that local people are trained and employed for the service requirements, who prepare locally grown, organic products for the meals. You can arrange an afternoon wine and cheese, in nature or a short hike as some of the main activities available in the area as part of this comfort camping option.  



Qhispikay sustainable camping was founded with the vision to reduce the social impact on the rural areas of the Sacred Valley. The aim is to protect the environment and local communities by offering employment and training, in 3 different locations within the Sacred Valley of the Incas. the aim is for social and cultural interaction for visitors and the local community, to experience local culture and traditions of the area. Some of the activities include weaving and dyeing workshops, adobe mud brick making as well as visits to the archaeological sites in the Sacred Valley. 

Inside one of the domes of the Eco Camp

Eco camp

Eco camp is famous for its luxury pods all along the Salkantay trek. However, they also have a number of locations throughout the Sacred Valley of the Incas. These luxury domes come fully equipped with king-size beds, private bathrooms and even a wood-burning stove to keep warm on the cold Andean nights. The eco camps offer a number of different trekking routes as well as horseback riding, massages, cooking classes and even yoga, for those who are all hiked-out! 



Misminay offers a glamping option close to the archaeological site of Moray. You will have some of the best views of the surrounding glaciers. Tents come equipped with a real bed, carpets, heating and local Andean decoration for that authentic touch. You can also take a hot shower with a view of the glaciers…. simply incredible! The local families who run the accommodation will be happy to arrange some cultural activities such as weaving and textiles workshops, farming, a payment to the mother earth Andean ceremony and in the evening some stargazing activities. all meals are included with this option as well as the nearby sites of the Maras salt flats and Moray Inca agricultural ruins…. the perfect combination!