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Office Spotlight - Cecilia Delgado

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 05-07-2022

Your Name

Cecilia Ivoni Delgado Bohorquez

Your position in Valencia Travel

General Accountant



How long have you worked for Valencia Travel?

I have worked at Valencia Travel since 01/03/2020, so 2 years and 2 months

What do you love about working in the travel industry?

I love how dynamic the travel industry is. Days are never boring and things are constantly changing, with different responsibilities, sensations and experiences.  


What is your favorite place to visit in Peru?

The Sacred Valley of The Incas



Where would you like to travel given the opportunity?

Tambopata in The Peruvian Jungle

What is your favourite Peruvian Dish / Drink?

Chilcano is a Peruvian drink made from Pisco, which is similar to a Pisco Sour (without the egg white) and I like it mixed with passion fruit instead of lemon 😊 My favorite dish is definitely Arroz con Pollo, it’s delicious!

What is your most memorable moment working for Valencia Travel?

My best personal moment at Valencia Travel was when I was given the opportunity to grow in the workplace with extra responsibilities. I felt extremely proud that the company trust me to manage the accounting tasks at hand.



Where do you see yourself in one years’ time?

I would love to grow professionally in the workplace and I would also like to visit other regions of Peru that I have not yet been to.

What is the best travel tip you can give to visitors to Peru?

Allow yourself to be absorbed in the mysticism of the City of Cusco. Take the time to walk its streets, full of tradition and customs that are unique in the world.