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Office Spotlight- Rene Hurtado

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 14-07-2022

Your Name:

Rene Hurtado Valencia

Your position in Valencia Travel

General Manager & C.E.O.



How Long have you worked for Valencia Travel?

I’ve been working in Valencia Tavel for 13 years since I founded the company 


What do you love about working in the Travel industry?

My passion is to create extraordinary experiences for other people around the world. I have had the great privilege of traveling to more than 64 countries. My main aim  is to inspire and enable others to have transformative experiences, knowing that travel and entrepreneurship can be a force for good. I believe that there is an explorer in each and every one of us and that adventure and discovery are essential elements of the human experience.


What is your favorite place to visit in Peru?

My favorite place to visit in Peru has always been Cusco, one of the places that always fills me with love, as  there are so many things that you can do in this beautiful city, I have visited 64 countries so far, yet it its always Cusco that calls me back, it is an amazing and energetic place.


Where would you like to travel given the opportunity?

I would like to continue exploring the world but at the same time I would like to finish exploring my own country first. The next place I would like to visit is Africa, and within Peru, Mancora and the Northern coast of Peru, for some beautiful beaches and relaxation.

What is your favourite Peruvian Dish / Drink?

My favorite Peruvian dish is Ceviche and I love Pisco Sour, I think Peruvian cuisine is among the best food and drink you can try in your lifetime.


What is your most memorable moment working for Valencia Travel?

I have many memorable moments that I experienced during these 14 years, as well as some challenging times, I will just  mention a couple: When the company won the International Travel Awards, this moment was very unique for me. You also have the opportunity to work with very committed, amazing people that love to share their passion within the industry, this is one of the best things I’ve ever experienced.



Where do you see yourself in one years’ time?

I have my personal goals, professional goals, and business goals, and in these three aspects, I would like to grow equally here in Peru and if the opportunity comes up maybe in the United States. The main idea is to feel good doing what  you love to do and this is what I would like to achieve in the near future; being in the travel industry and valuably cooperating to society



What is the best travel tip you can give to visitors to Peru?

1.    Don’t just be a "typical" tourist
2.    Don’t Rush
3.    Be Prepared
4.    Check the weather
5.    Sample the traditional lunch “menu”
6.    Talk to the locals
7.    Visit the local markets and local communities
8.    Book your tour with a well- trusted tour company so you avoid any bad moments while you are visiting/ experiencing my Peru.