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Office Spotlight - Vivian Paredes

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 12-04-2022


Your Name:

Vivian Paredes Torres

Your position in Valencia Travel:

Travel Advisor



How Long have you worked for Valencia Travel?

I have been working at Valencia Travel for 7 months approximately.


What do you love about working in the Travel industry?

I love meeting the people I have been in contact with via Email, in person, visiting the different touristic attractions that I sell to our clients and meeting people from other countries who come to visit our amazing country.



What is your favourite place to visit in Peru?

My favourite place to visit is Puerto Maldonado which is home to the Tambopata Reserve, to be in the heart of nature and observe animals in their natural habitat. Tambopata is full of unique adventures and wildlife encounters.


Where would you like to travel given the opportunity?

I would love to visit Egypt at some point in my life, to experience a totally different and incredible culture, completely different from my own, see the pyramids and try their traditional food.


What is your favourite Peruvian Dish / Drink?

My favourite drink is chicha Morada, the purple corn juice prepared at home and I love the Trout Ceviche from Andes…. this is delicious and has to be my favourite traditional dish.


What is your most memorable moment working for Valencia Travel?

My most memorable trip while working for Valencia Travel  was when we made a short trip into the Sacred Valley and I had the chance to meet my co-workers from different communities in person! It is so nice to put names to faces in the communities where we work.


Where do you see yourself in one years’ time?

In the future, I see myself working for Valencia Travel from different places in the world… who knows where! I am open to travelling anywhere in the world!


What is the best travel tip you can give to visitors to Peru?

The best travel tip is to walk, to enjoy all the different corners of Peru, at a pace where you can experience things to the full, especially Peruvian culture and art. Sometimes if you are in a car or bus, you miss out on some unique and interactive experiences.