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The 9 Day Choquequirao Trek

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 01-07-2022

Found within the Quriwayrachina mountain range of Peru is the Choquequirao Archaeological Site and the only way to reach this impressive Inca site, is hiking there. Offering sweeping views of the Andes and opportunities to observe local plant and wild life, including the sacred Andean condor, this trek is a must for any serious hiker in Peru. With 9 days of ascents and descents, in and out of one of Peru´s deepest canyons, plus 2 massive mountain passes to cross, as well as  the magnificent 60% excavated Choquequirao Archaeological site to marvel at, The 9 day Choquequirao Trek to Machu Picchu trek has the ultimate destination at the end of it, with numerous unparalleled experiences along the way.


Arriving at Choqueqirao Archaeological  Site


When to go

The best time to trek Choquequirao is in dry season, which run from May to August.  There is little rain and the trail should be firm underfoot. It can be very cold at night at the higher campsites on the trek, with temperatures dropping below freezing, so go prepared! Contrastingly, the lower part of the canyon can get really hot, especially while trekking, reaching 37’C or 98/F. 


Llama Terraces


Choquequirao Peru trek is dangerous to hike from December through March due to the way the heavy wet season rains affects the sides of the Apurimac canyon. This includes rock falls from above and super slippery conditions. the Choquequirao trail has steep ascents and descents, and the slopes near the trail are highly inclined, dropping hundreds of metres down the Apurimac canyon. Avoid any company that offers this trek in the wet season.


Cloudy Choquequirao Trail


Why Trek the 9 Day Choquequirao Trek?


This 9 day trek is challenging to say the least but the impressive views are second to none in this region. A decent level of fitness is necessary of course but if you think 9 days maybe too difficult you may prefer the 4 day Choquequirao option with a train connection to Machu Picchu.


Choquequirao Campsite


This Choquequirao to Machu Picchu trek is the ultimate adventure for those looking to experience an “Intrepid expedition” hike to the lost city. The trek is intense, but for those who crave an adrenalin -filled adventure will be rewarded with an incredible journey. Explore untouched Inca ruin sites, climb two major Andean Mountain passes, marvel at epic viewpoints and hike in total solitude.  The Choquequirao Archaeological site is one of Peru’s least visited sites, but is one of the most spectacular.


Mountain Pass on Choquequirao Trek