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The best art shows in Peru

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 28-06-2022

With so many unique artists within its boundaries, Peru has plenty of galleries to show off the unique and diverse talents of its creative artists. Throughout Peruvian history, art has been an integral part of Peruvian culture. Here is a list of the best art galleries to visit while in Peru. Collections include pre-Columbian pieces, classic colonial works, modern art, photography and more. 


Lima Museum


WU Galería, Lima

Found in the Barranco neighborhood, this is one of the nicest, small-end galleries in Lima, offering a space to young Peruvian artists, as well as providing a professional art consultancy service. It specializes in discovering new artistic talent to introduce to the commercial art world.


Barranco Square, Lima


Galería Lucía de la Puente

A small yet beautiful space promoting young Peruvian art, the gallery houses both paintings and photography exhibitions. Since 1995, the Lucia de la Puente gallery has been promoting different Peruvian artists with already established careers and showing the work of many of the most important artists in the field. A must-see in Barranco, also, which is the bohemian neighborhood in Lima.


Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC)

One of Lima’s largest museums for contemporary art, MAC showcases 20th as well as 21st century art from both Peruvian and international artists. At any given time, Mac will have at least of two of its three buildings devoted to only one or two artists. After finishing your tour, grab a bite to eat or enjoy a craft beer at the MAC restaurant.


Contemporary Art Museum, Lima



MATE is Barranco’s art gallery dedicated to the great Peruvian photographer Mario Testino, who was born in Lima. The gallery is the largest collection of his work with seven rooms dedicated to his intimate photographs of celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Kate Moss, Orlando Bloom and many more. A room dedicated to Testino’s photographs of Peruvians has recently been added, alongside a space dedicated to guest artists.


MATE Art Museum, Lima


The Lima Art Museum (MALI)

This museum houses Lima’s largest collection of photography, paintings, pottery, decorations and artifacts. In addition to pre-Columbian and colonial art, MALI also has a collection of contemporary Peruvian art. With such a large and diverse selection to navigate, give yourself at least a couple of hours to enjoy all the exhibits.


Lima Art Museum


Museo de Arte Pre-Colombino

Located inside an Inca ceremonial house in the center of Cusco, that dates back to 1450 AD, this is Peru’s only museum dedicated to ancient Peruvian art. Inside you’ll find a collection of 450 pieces that date from 1250 BC to 1532 AD. The artworks are all from Lima’s Museo Larco’s storage collection, and descriptions in various languages help to give you a fuller picture and understanding of the people who created them.


Pre-Columbine Art Museum, Cusco


Museo Quijote

This private collection of paintings and sculptures in Cusco,  represents both historical and contemporary pieces. It offers many translations in English and gives museum visitors detailed background on 20th-century Peruvian art.


Museo de Arte Contemporáneo

Located in a beautiful building in Arequipa, Peru. This place has both permanent and temporary exhibits, displaying some of Peru’s most well-known artists as well as several lesser known, local artists.


Contemporary Art Museum, Arequipa