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The Packing List For The 4-Day Lares Trek

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 03-03-2023

The stunning Lares trek is an alternative trek to the Inca trail that will take you to Machu Picchu. This 4-day trek involves 2 nights camping and a night in the hotel in Aguas Calientes. Experience Andean nature, archaeological sites, thermal baths, typical flora and fauna, and the majestic Andean range all around. Also, you will meet Cusco’s indigenous people, who still maintain most of their ancient Inca traditions and worldview. This Lares trek is available on a daily basis, throughout the year, and is the perfect option when there are no Inca trail permits and if you are trekking during the rainy season, but what should you pack? Find out more here about what to pack for the 4-day Lares trek.


Mountains on The Lares Trek



Sun hat or cap (for daytime), woolen hat (for nights and cold elevations)
T-shirts (pack polyester ones: they absorb sweat and are the fastest drying)
A warm jacket  (fleece)
Waterproof lightweight jacket, especially, if you’re trekking in the rainy season (November to March), or rain poncho.
Nylon pants (they are the most resistant and dry, ideal if reversible to shorts)
Mountaineering socks
Hiking boots (you must give them some use before, so your feet will be adapted, no sores)

Swimming Costume. The Lares trek package gives you the added opportunity of enjoying the relaxing hot springs both in Lares (day 1) and Aguas Calientes (day 4). In this case make sure you bring a swimsuit, towel, sandals, and comb.


Trekking Trousers



Decent  Daypack
Charger cables
Portable solar panels (not essential but super handy)
Money (limited opportunity to buy during the Lares trek but needed for tipping and Machu Picchu day as lunch is not included)
Passport (for Machu Picchu and the train)


Larger Sized Daypack


Toiletries and Medicines

Baby wipes
Dry shampoo
Suntan lotion (vital)
Insect repellent
Toilet paper
Basic first aid kit with any personal medications


Llamas on The Lares Trek


Food and Drinks

Refillable water bottle
Coca leaves tea is a great idea for preventing altitude sickness, giving you extra energy, and sharing with the wonderful muleteers.
A good supply of snacks (you can choose among energy bars, chocolates, canned food, fruits, crackers, etc) Main meals are provided but there is nothing like enjoying our favorite snack after a hard day trekking!


Sunrise on The Lares Trek


If you need more information about what to pack for The Lares Trek or would like to book this 4-day hike, ask us here!