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Tour Guide Spotlight: Introducing José Miguel Vásquez Palacios!

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Published: 01-12-2021

What's your name?

My name is José Miguel Vásquez Palacios

How long have you been a tour guide for?

I’m a professional tour guide since the year 2010.

José in Machu Picchu

How long have you been a tour guide for VTC?

I’m ready when VTC needs my services. I’m in contact with the company since two years ago.

Tell me about a hidden spot in Peru that you love, that most tourists wouldn't know about!

Let me tell you about the Choquequirao route to Machupicchu, for me it is one of my favorite because of all the variation of microclimates, ecosystems, the diversity of flora and fauna, our mountains, rivers and canyons and arriving through Llaqtapata, the balcony of Machupicchu, which is a unique experience.

What do you love most about Peru?

I love my country, our culture, folklore, the environment. Well everything. I’m proud of my country.

What's the best local beer/wine/spirit, & dish, that new visitors to your country should try?

Of course the Te piteado or Te macho, to keep warm our body’s.

What's your favorite VTC tour, and why?

Salkantay trek of course for the challenging and the views that you will see.

Picture time with passengers in Salkantay

What's the best memory you have as a tour guide?

When I have been the guide of the charitys groups, when they make their goals reaching the sun gate, Salkantay pass. That’s very special when I can say then you made it congratulations.

What are you most looking forward to once travel opens back up?

To work again with our team of waykis always keeping our smile and sharing our culture and our ceremonies.

What is your favorite travel quote?

YOLO, you only live once and Peru will the best option to do that.


How has travel changed your life?

I love my work and my family is very happy that I can work and travel again.


A recent visit to Machu Picchu