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Chiclayo City Tour and Wizards´ Market

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 22-12-2022

Northern Peru is usually neglected, with travelers instead focusing their time on the big cities and historical gems in the south of Peru. This has enormous benefits for travelers wanting to get off the beaten track, as they can explore a more authentic Peru with fewer crowds. Chiclayo in northern Peru is not on most travelers' radars when they visit Peru. And Chiclayo benefits from a warm climate all year round. For many backpackers traveling around South America, it is the first destination they visit Peru when arriving from Ecuador. In general, travelers do not visit Chiclayo because of the city itself, and even though it is worth it to base yourself here as the infrastructure is excellent, be prepared that you will have to travel to see the top attractions.  


Huaca Rajada


One of the fascinating close-by sites is the Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum, which contains original artifacts found in the tombs at Huaca Rajada, an archaeological site close to Chiclayo, famous for Moche culture and especially for the tomb of the Lord of Sipan. The museum is worth visiting. You will find many original pieces in Huaca Rajada archeological site here, including precious necklaces, jewelry, tombs, clothes, and weapons. If you are looking at how to spend a day or two in Chiclayo and are interested in a sightseeing tour of Chiclayo, then The Valencia Travel Chiclayo City tour and Wizards market are great options to help you see the best attractions this area has to offer. If you are looking for beach time, just a short drive from Chiclayo, Playa Pimentel is a pretty beach, and be aware that the beach is quite crowded during the summer months.


Chiclayo Center


Mercado de Brujos

Shamanism and ceremonial practices are still alive and kicking throughout Peru. Chiclayo's Wizards market is where you can peruse and buy quite some unbelievable stuff. It is worth looking at, especially if you've never been to a wizards' market before. If you are looking for a regular market with clothes, go to Mercado Modelo. The Mercado Modelo is a massive market in the city where you can buy anything from 'designer' clothes to cooking utensils. Locals will push through the narrow walkways forcibly, so follow their lead, or you will drown in swamps of people. Haggling is commonplace in these markets.


Mercado Modelo


Chiclayo's famous Wizards Market is located at one end of the main Mercado Modelo. Here you can buy a whole range of shamanistic accessories and trinkets, motions, and potions, including herbs, skins, bones, and even animal organs. This market also sells San Pedro cacti in abundance, which, when boiled and reduced, make a hallucinogenic drink consumed by both Shamans and travelers. If you want to learn more about the shamanic practices of Peru or even if you are looking to cast a spell or two yourself, The Wizards Market is the place for you!


Wizards Market


If you are entering Peru from the Northern border or traveling south from The Northern beaches of Peru, then Chiclayo makes the perfect stop off to take in some Northern Peruvian culture and mysticism… including the unique Wizards market. Book here!