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Entrance /Visa Requirements in the Post-Covid Era

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 03-06-2022

A passport with six months validity is required to enter Peru. Immigration authorities may also require evidence of return/onward travel.
Be sure your date and place of entry is officially documented by Peruvian Immigration, whether you arrive at a port, airport, or land border.
Your length of approved stay will be determined by border officials at the time of entry, and can range from 30 to 183 days. Extensions for tourists are usually not approved, and overstays result in fines.
The Embassy is unable to assist if you are denied entry. Peruvian immigration requires airlines to return travelers who are denied entry to their point of origin.

Requirements for Exit:

If you do not have an entry record, you will not be allowed to exit the country until immigration authorities confirm the time and place of your entry into the country. This can be a difficult process, costing considerable time and money to resolve.
Make sure the Immigration authorities record your entry, and then save the record for your exit. An entry record is required even at remote border crossings, where often the proper officials are not present.
Immediately report lost/stolen passports to local police and keep the report. You must apply for a new passport at the Embassy and obtain a replacement entry record from Immigration using your police report prior to exiting Peru.


Lima Airport


Travel with Minors:  

Regardless of nationality, all children who are traveling with both birth parents are required to have a valid passport and the necessary visa or citizenship of the country where they are traveling.  Peruvian immigration procedures are complex for minors traveling without one or both parents/legal guardians.

For entry/exit from Peru, foreigners, minors under the age of 18, traveling alone or with only one parent, generally do not require additional documentation if entering as a tourist for less than 183 days. However, if the stay lasts more than 183 days, then a “Permiso Notarial de Viaje” is required.
* A Permiso Notarial de Viaje is a written, notarized authorization from the non-traveling parent(s). Peruvian immigration will not accept a document notarized by a foreign Embassy or a document notarized by a foreign notary in lieu of a Permiso Notarial de Viaje. Please be aware that these authorizations are valid for 30 days and one trip only.

Minors who are dual national Peruvians, traveling alone or with only one parent, require a “Permiso Notarial de Viaje”. Furthermore, step-parents or guardians accompanying a dual U.S.-Peruvian citizen minor must provide a Permiso Notarial de Viaje from the non-traveling minor’s parents (as listed on the birth certificate). Finally, if an accompanying parent has sole custody, legal documentation is required. For example, a  foreign court-approved custody document stating sole custody, a death certificate, a Peruvian court-approved document for travel, or a birth certificate listing only one parent.


Peruvian Land Border with Bolivia


Covid 19

A Full vaccination card is required due to local restrictions.
A negative PCR test is not required if fully vaccinated.  Otherwise, a PCR test is required within 48 hours of departure for Peru or local travel will be restricted.
A pre-arrival form from the Peruvian Immigration should be completed within 72 hours of departure.
Travel Insurance with covid cover is required.
All passengers must wear two face masks on flights bound for Peru
If you’re fully vaccinated, you can enter Peru without needing to test or quarantine.

Passengers aged 12 and over whose final destination is Peru must show evidence of full vaccination received either in Peru or abroad. Those under 12 years old must be without COVID-19 symptoms but do not require a test or proof of vaccination. Adults who reside in Peru must have received the booster (third) dose. These rules are subject to change at short notice.

Anyone who shows COVID-19 symptoms on arrival in Peru must isolate by law.


Tourist in Peru


Proof of vaccination status

Peru will accept the UK’s and the USA´s proof of COVID-19 vaccination and that issued. Although digital proof is accepted, you should also take a hard copy. Your appointment card from vaccination centres is not designed to be used as proof of vaccination and should not be used to demonstrate your vaccine status.

If you are flying via another country, additional requirements are likely for both your outbound and return flights (see ‘transit’ below).  The IATA Travel Centre provides comprehensive information for all travellers.

Local restrictions

The use of two face masks is required in all public areas (or one KN95) and on local transport.
Lima and a few other regions no longer require obligatory use of face masks in open areas
A full vaccination card is required to access indoor venues, to board transport between provinces, to travel by train and for entry to Lima airport when leaving Peru.
Peru, due to its strong covid-safety measures in place throughout the county, is once more open and Machu Picchu and other places of interest have been welcoming guests at a reduced capacity.  These numbers are likely to return to their normal levels again soon
Our Flexible Booking Policy allows you to make long term plans with complete confidence, whilst our Safe Journey guidelines ensure we will not operate your holiday unless we are confident, we can do so with your safety and enjoyment at the heart of our planning.


Passport Stamps in Peru



If you are flying via another country, such as changing planes in Europe, Latin America or the US, additional requirements are likely for both your outbound and return flights.

See the IATA Travel Centre for details of current transit rules.
For full details of current entry requirements check the IATA Travel Centre which provides comprehensive information for travellers worldwide 


Travel restrictions to any of the above-mentioned countries prior to travel as travel restrictions are always subject to change!
Safe travels!