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The Best Restaurants In Arequipa

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 03-11-2022

Peru is the food mecca of South America, laying claim to a selection of the best restaurants in the world and the #1 restaurant in Latin America. Although the gastronomic publicity tends to focus on the capital, Lima, culinary adventures await the traveler wherever you go in this country. Each destination has its regional specialties, and while you can find them elsewhere in the country, there's nothing like trying a dish in its place of origin. That gave birth to it. Arequipa is becoming more and more popular with visitors to the city on the increase. While this has disadvantages, it also means that tourists can find fantastic gastronomic experiences; here is our pick of the Best Restaurants in Arequipa.


Cafe Society, Arequipa


Zig Zag

This upscale European – Peruvian fusion restaurant is a popular point, with the main courses, desserts, and wine lists combining perfectly to provide an unforgettable Arequipan dining experience. When you visit, check out the restaurant's staircase designed by French architect Gustave Alexandre Eiffel, as in The Eiffel Tower fame. Zig Zag's dishes showcase local ingredients from all over Peru. The restaurant is in a small, intimate space with a rustic charm and an excellent spot for dinner in Arequipa that showcases Arequipa food.


Zig Zag Restaurant, Arequipa


Tradición Arequipeña 


Tradición Arequipeña offers a truly immersive cultural experience in its casual and friendly restaurant. While dining, Peruvian music flows throughout the restaurant. If it is a nice day, ask for a table outside. Its outdoor area is surrounded by lush greenery and offers a pleasant background to the tasty food. This small, family-run restaurant focuses on providing delicious food that your Peruvian grandmother could make. You'll find hearty dishes with rice, pasta, and plenty of potatoes. What makes this one of the best restaurants in Arequipa are the well-seasoned sauces. If you're looking for a meal that will satisfy and help you to feel full for several hours, the traditional meals here will do the trick!


Tradición Arequipeña

Sol de Mayo


Sol de Mayo is one of Peru's oldest restaurants and one of the best restaurants in Arequipa. It serves traditional food, which has been perfected over the generations. If you can, try to sit outside in the beautiful courtyard. Enjoy the charming gardens and fountains while relaxing and listening to live music. Sol de Mayo brings comfort food to a new level by including some South American flair. Along with a homey feel, this hole-in-the-wall takes you back in time and encourages diners to get to know the real Peru. Expect hearty fare, and remember to reserve in advance to guarantee a spot. 


Sol de Mayo Entrance




Tipika is also our pick of the Arequipa restaurants and the perfect stop for a relaxing meal after a long day and away from the hustle and bustle of the Plaza de Armas. The restaurant offers typical Peruvian food in a casual and comfortable setting. Many residents visit this restaurant, known for its large portions. Enjoy the wonderful courtyard and attentive service. The restaurant is family-friendly and includes a play area for kids.


Chairo in Tipika




Hatunpa's claim to fame is the potato. While there aren't nearly as many types of potatoes as there used to be (numbering in the thousands!), this local eatery more than delivers on the available ones. You'll find a wide selection of this native tuber, including ones with a purple hue and dishes topped with alpaca meat. If you thought potatoes were boring, you would change your mind after lunching here. Hatunpa is one of the small and intimate Arequipa restaurants, with only about five tables in the place, but the food is delicious, and the service is very attentive. The owner speaks English and is more than happy to talk you through all of Peru's potatoes. Come to Hatunpa and try the humble spud at its very best!


Hatunpa Lomo Saltado


Salamanto Restaurante


Salamanto Restaurante aims to "reconstruct ancestral dishes" in a modern way, and it does this by taking essential, traditional Peruvian dishes and cooking them with traditional techniques that have been around for centuries. Chef Paul Perea adds his flare to the dishes and offers a wine list with many local variations. This is one of the more upscale Arequipa restaurants and is perfect for a special occasion, so be sure to make a reservation online if you want to dine at one of the best restaurants in Arequipa.






It's hard to go wrong with a menu inspired by Peru's most noted chef, Gaston Acurio. Featuring traditional favorites as well as new takes on Peruvian cuisine using fresh local ingredients, Chicha is perfect for fine dining in Arequipa. Located in a stunning colonial building dating back to the 17th century, the restaurant has a charming feel. The restaurant is known for using local products combined with excellent cooking skills. Although there are several spaces with elegant tables, where terracotta colors and plants decorate the walls, a large table in the center gives the room a familiar touch. The menu is both in English and Spanish. If, however, you have any questions on the menu, the attentive servers are accommodating. Different plates are for sharing, and their desserts are to die for, offering the perfect introduction to Arequipa food.




This is our pick of the best restaurants in Arequipa… Learn more from Valencia Travel about where to eat the best Arequipa food when you visit the White City on your trip to Peru!