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The top 5 Instagram photo spots in Cusco

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 08-06-2022

From Spanish colonial architecture to ancient Inca archaeological sites here are some of the most photogenic places in Cusco. The places where you can capture mind-blowing travel photos that you’ll want to share with everyone on your social media. While Machu Picchu usually gets all the attention and quite rightly so, that is an Instagram opportunity all on its own! If you are visiting Cusco, Peru, these are the top five Instagram spots around Cusco that you that you simply cannot miss out on!


Saqsaywaman Fortress


 Plaza de las Armas

The first place to take photos in Cusco is the Plaza de las Armas which is a vibrant plaza and one of the busiest spots in Cusco. This means you will have your fair share of backdrops, models, and natural props to use for your Instagram photos. As you stroll down the streets in Plaza de Armas, you will reach the Cusco Cathedral. The Plaza de Armas has so many photo opportunities including bars, restaurants, street musicians, Inca and colonial buildings, temples and churches. Every time you visit the Plaza de Armas, there is something totally different that will catch your eye! 


Plaza de Armas Cusco

Cusco’s Cobblestone Streets

If you travel to Cusco and don’t get a photo of yourself wandering down the quaint cobblestone streets of Cusco then did you even really go to Peru?? Cusco has some of the best cobblestone streets and impressive architecture combined with crumbling walls. This Inca City is meant for capturing as many pictures as you can to post it on your Instagram. The twelve Angled Stone is possibly the most famous site in the centre as well as the narrow streets of the Bohemian San Blas artisan quarter of Cusco. The white-washed, low doored buildings and bright blue painted doors are stunning for photo shoots but mind your head!


Typical Cobbled Street in Cusco


Salineras de Maras

The Salineras of Maras is located 50 km away from Cusco, and is more commonly called the salt pans of Maras. This artisanal method of extracting salt from the ground has been used for centuries and offer the perfect backdrop for Instagram photos. The Salineras De Maras sells its pink salt making the perfect souvenir or gifts for friends and the site is close to Moray to combine with the visit, both of which offer perfectly instagramable images to post! 


Maras Salt Pans


Rainbow Mountain

This colourful mountain called Vinicunca rainbow mountain is the unique stripy one that you can see just a few hours’ drive from Cusco. You will find the mountain in the Ausangate region across a land of wild landscapes, snow-capped peaks, alpaca herds and farmers in traditional dress. The mineral formed hues of the Rainbow Mountain offers a beautiful multiple colour background, and the mountain I rapidly becoming a popular destination to visit around Cusco, giving Machu Picchu a run for its money! So, click away click and compete for the most liked photo on Instagram.


Rainbow Mountain


Cristo Blanco


Similar to Rio’s Christ the Redeemer and Cali’s Cristo Rey, Cusco also has a smaller version of the Jesus Christ statue. You can see this big fella from across the entire city of Cusco, so wherever you decide to photograph him from on he is an ever-present on the Cusco skyline. Most people visit the spot, to pray, also to click snaps from the vantage point over Cusco city. This panoramic view enlightens the tourists, and offers a perfect background for the photograph that can be posted on Instagram. Careful, people may think you are at Christ The Redeemer!


Cristo Blanco