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Uniquely Peruvian Products To Purchase On Your Peru Vacation

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 28-12-2021

Peru is an incredible destination for shopping.  You can find unique souvenirs and excellent items that can only be found in this part of the world. On every street corner, you can find unusual, authentic, Peruvian souvenirs which are fully representative of the talent and creativity of its people. Peruvian people have an impressive ability to produce traditional handicrafts and indigenous Peruvian items, selling them at one of a million markets. With handicraft stores to explore, street sellers and even young children selling their wares, each have their unique items from the coast, the jungle and the mountain regions. Here is a list of the most interesting and authentic souvenirs to buy in Peru that you can only find on a trip to the country. Help the local Peruvian community and economy by buying authentic Peruvian handicrafts, as opposed to the often imported and cheaper versions from neighbouring countries and take home the perfect Peruvian keepsake, to remind you of this fascinating country.


Peruvian Textiles
If you find yourself turning into your grandma on your visit to The Andes and obsessed with weavings, buy a hand-made, colourful Peruvian rug or wall hanging. The imagery is woven into every fibre and often tells a folk tale from the place it came, or the person who wove it. Beware, these incredible textiles are somewhat heavy and you may want to ship them home, but once you see it on your wall, decorating your floors, or as a sofa throw, it will be worth the effort. Discover the modern process of peruvian textiles in the Mundo Alpaca Factory Tour.

A peruvian cajon

A Peruvian musical Instrument
You can find an amazing selection of musical instruments from all of Peru´s different regions. Whether that be a “zampoña” (panpipes) from The Andes, a bone whistle from the Amazon or a “cajon” (wooden box drum) from the coast, each instrument has changed little over time. An excellent item to purchase if you are looking for an authentic Peruvian keepsake.  

Friendship bracelets
Bracelets are never hard to find, anywhere you go in Peru and they’re the perfect gift for friends and family. Lightweight, colourful and cheap! This mini piece of woven artwork, is the perfect accessory for anyone’s arm!

Poncho or Alpaca Jumper
Traditional Andean knitwear such as ponchos and sweaters are a quintessentially Peruvian. There are an endless number of colours, are hand-made, warm and snuggly, and usually made of Alpaca  or baby alpaca. They will always  remind you of those cold days in the Andean highlands and the llama you hugged !


A boy wearing a chullo hat

“Chullo” hat
These wonderful long-eared beanies form an important part of any Andean outfit.  Vital for the highlands to keep you face and ears toasty warm! These knitted or woven accessories are usually made from alpaca wool, and will be a life-saver on those cold winter nights, when you return home.

Complete your Andean wardrobe with an authentic alpaca scarf made from alpaca wool. This elegant accessory will compliment any outfit, keep you warm, and if you buy the genuine, baby alpaca version, it won´t itch your neck!

Peru is the home of sublime chocolate. There is even a local chocolate bar of the same name! (Sublime).  Locally produced cocoa can be found in any market and can be sweet or bitter and is pure, organic chocolate. Drink it, eat it, or smell it, this incredible product from the high jungle, can be found midway between the jungle and the Andean region and is the perfect, delicious keepsake to savour once you return home. You can enjoy a chocolate creation experience in the Half-day Chocolate Making class in Peru tour!

A batch of fresh peruvian coffee

Locally produced, organic Peruvian coffee is some of the finest coffee in the world. Not as dark as Colombian coffee but with incredible aroma and taste, the Arabic grain that grows like wildfire, is also native to the “seja de selva” and is the perfect wake-me up on any given morning! You can buy it ground or in bean form, the latter being the purest version as it is not mixed with other ingredients.

Andean paintings are unique and has a distinctive history in Cusco, often depicting the eclectic diversity of Catholic and Andean traditions. These original and unique art designs are not usually found outside of Peru and will offer some original decoration for your home when you return, while promoting the creativity of people in The Andes.

Naturally dyed Wool
You can buy naturally dyed wool using  plants and insects to colour to produce clothing in  totally  natural colours.  Learn how to knit, weave, or crochet, by visiting a native community,  where you can experience how Peruvian women use these fibres.  They might even give you some pointers or useful hints that have been passed down many generations.

Peruvian Herbs and spices
Peruvians are famous for their cuisine, partly due to the incredible array of natural herbs and spices available in the country. Huacatay, coriander, cumin, palillo (turmeric), lemongrass, chinch, cloves and coriander are just some of these tasty additions to the signature dishes from Peru, so why not bring home some of the ingredients, to recreate the perfect Peruvian plate.

Maras salt mines

Mineral Salt
We have all heard about the health benefits of reducing the salt in our diets. However, if you are a salt addict, the healthier option is the pink mineral salt of Maras, found in the Sacred valley of the Incas. For thousands of years, local people have extracted the salt from the earth, providing a natural salt, much lower in sodium than regular salt and the perfect addition to any dish. You can visit the Maras salt mines in many of our programs, or in the specific Cusco Maras Moray Half Day Tour.