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Which U.S. Airlines Go To Peru?

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 01-02-2023


Peru is one of the most sought-after destinations to travel in South America. The Country of the Incas is recognized for its prevailing cultural expression, natural wonders, and historical attractions which fills it with countless adventures and mysteries for all ages and tastes. From the lush Peruvian jungle to the towering Andean mountains and the spellbinding coastal side, the Peruvian lands are a whole new world. For those looking to indulge their desire for meeting new places and disconnect from routine, Peru is the best destination. It offers different experiences for all types of travelers. Whether you’re looking to relax your mind, look for spiritual guidance, exploring mountainous trails, or uncover the mysteries of Peru’s ancient civilizations, here you’ll find a new adventure in every corner. But how can you get to Peru? Here is some useful information about international flights to Peru and more specifically from the U.S. to Peru.


 If you’re looking for the best airlines to fly to Peru, from The USA.... look no further. Using our extensive knowledge, we have gathered together a list of the best Peru flights from  The USA. So no need to worry about how you will arrive for your Peru vacation package.

New York´s JFK


How to get to Peru

The easiest way to get to Peru from the US is by international flight, fares can range from $300 USD to 1,500 USD (one way). Likewise, direct flights are also possible from several cities in the US, such as Atlanta, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Houston, and Dallas fort-worth. In other cases, flights may have connections in Mexico, Colombia, or other countries in Latin America, as well as cities within the US.

There are many airlines that fly to Peru, among the most popular are: Avianca, LATAM, Canada Air, Jetblue, Copa Airlines, InterJet, Spirit Airlines, Aeromexico, and United Airlines. They all have connections with the Jorge Chávez International Airport in Lima.

With the exception of Continental’s frequent nonstop service from Newark to Lima ($900–1500 return), nearly all flights to Peru from the US go via Miami, Houston, or Atlanta. Delta, Continental, and American Airlines are the traditional carriers serving Peru from the US. Most airlines can book connecting flights to Miami, Houston, or Atlanta from a range of cities throughout the US. A number of airlines fly Miami-to-Lima, including American, Copa and Latam; the fare is usually $1000–1500 return. Fares from New York (via Miami) cost no more than fares from Miami.

There are a huge variety of tours and packages on offer from the US and Canada to Peru, starting from around $1500 for a two- to three-day package and ranging up to $4000–5000. You’ll also find a number of packages that include Peru on their itineraries as part of a longer South American tour.

It is worth noting for your arrival airport, that there are 5 international airports in Peru, though they have limited flight departures per week and for certain cities within South America. Therefore, Lima remains the principal airport into Peru and the starting point for most travelers who come to explore this magnificent country.


The Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima is the biggest and busiest airport in Peru. In 2010 Skytrax voted it the best airport in South America due to it having all the facilities and amenities that a traveler needs from a modern international airport. Just 11KM away, the center of Lima city makes for an easy visit. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage site on Lima Peru tours, and see what the capital of Peru has to offer!

Miami Airport


Peru Entry Requirements for US Citizens

Throughout all our years of working in the travel industry, we’ve come across the same question many times. Do US citizens need a visa for Peru? The answer is no, a tourist visa is not among the entry requirements for citizens of the North American country. However, what the immigration office does require is having at least a 6-month validity remaining in your passport along with two empty pages for the entry/exit stamp.

According to the US State Department, evidence of return or onward travel is required. Keep in mind that the length of your stay in Peru will be determined by the immigration officer upon entry and may vary from 30 to 183 days.

However, if you’re planning to stay longer than your stipulated time, you must request an extension through the Peruvian immigration office. If you overstay, some penalties will be applied.
Personal items that can be brought into Peru tax- and duty-free.


  A passport with at least 6 months validity is required to enter Peru.  Tourists must also provide evidence in the form of a return ticket or onward travel. Immigration officials will stamp your Passport for the maximum time allowed to stay in the country. Extensions are not available, and overstays will result in fines.  Peru does not require any immunizations for entry, although it recommends vaccination against yellow fever if you are traveling to the Amazon rainforest on your Peru vacation package.



Allowed Items  to Bring into the Country

Clothes for personal use
Suitcases, bags and backpacks containing personal belongings
Toiletry for personal use
Other personal items and jewelry for personal use
Books, magazines, newspapers and documents for personal use
 Medication, supplements and medical devices that can be brought into Peru tax- and duty-free
Medication for personal use only (except medication containing narcotics, which may be restricted or prohibited in Peru)
Vitamins and dietary supplements for personal use only
Aids and appliances for personal mobilization and medical control (wheelchair, walkers, crutches, blood pressure / glucose meter, nebulizers, thermometer, etc.)
Even though medical marijuana was legalized in Peru in 2017, your medical marijuana prescription from another country won’t be accepted in Peru. So, a big no to bringing cannabis leaves, stems and flowers into Peru. A grey area is still cannabis derivatives such as CDB Oil or even Hemp powder, even though both are readily available in Peru and most probably no-one will care when entering the country with small amounts for personal use.
 Electric and electronic devices incl. accessories that can be brought into Peru tax- and duty-free
2 cellphones (1 cellphone for minors age 7 to 18)
1 laptop
1 tablet or 1 digital organizer
2 conventional or digital cameras
1 video camera or camcorder (portable and not for professional use)
1 radio or audio player/recorder (portable and not for professional use)
1 CD / DVD player (portable)
1 video game device (portable) incl. 10 games
2 external hard disc drives and 4 USB sticks
4 memory cards for the digital camera, video camera / camcorder or video game device brought into the country at the same time
4 USB sticks
10 rolls of film for the camera and 10 cassettes for the video camera / camcorder brought into the country at the same time
20 CDs or DVDs
1 portable calculator
2 electric hair dryers or hair straighteners
1 electric shaver
Drones (have to be declared; please read below under "Restricted items")


Peru is a land of extremes. You are going to need layers of clothing for hiking, a swimsuit for the thermal springs or the beach, and a thick warm jumper for a cold night up in the Andes, and an umbrella for the rain, even if its not rainy season! Whatever your travel plans, you Will have to pack your bags like a pro for your Peru tour packages!



Other items that can be brought into Peru tax- and duty-free

1 (set of) sporting equipment for personal use
1 musical instrument (portable)
Other articles for personal use or consumption or gifts with a total value of up to US$500. In case of electric and electronic devices not mentioned above, tools or other personal equipment, only one item each is allowed to bring into Peru tax- and duty-free when the total value won’t exceed US$500
Bringing Money into Peru
Amounts of more than US$ 10,000 or the equivalent in any other currency have to be declared when entering or leaving Peru.
Entering or leaving the country with amounts over US$ 30,000 or the equivalent in any other currency is prohibited.
So, if you carry more than US$ 10,000, download the app "Bienvenido al Perú" available on Android and iOS and follow the instructions. Best have some proof of the origin of the money.
If you opt to not declare amounts over US$ 10,000 and are caught, expect to pay a 30% fine on the amount you carry with you, If you are caught with amounts over US$ 30,000 expect that amounts over the US$ 30,000 are confiscated and you are fined 30% on the rest.


Peru is an incredibly diverse country culturally and geographically, and it has a wide range of climates in its three different regions. From its beautiful coastline, to the Andes mountains and The Amazon Rainforest to arid deserts, you will have to pack different types of clothing for the regions you plan to go to when you visit Peru.

Traveling with  Guitar


Prohibited Items

Then there are items you just aren’t allowed to bring into the country. If you are caught with them, they will be seized and you may be fined or worse.

These include, but aren't limited to:

Drugs, narcotics and medication containing narcotics
Used clothes and shoes due to amount and value not considered for personal use
Any beverage named “Pisco” not produced in Peru
Used car spare parts
Some pesticides and other chemicals

It is definitely a good idea to leave the fireworks at home! It is always a good idea to check what is NOT allowed in Peru so you don´t have any issues! So there Will be no celebrating your Machu Picchu vacation package with fireworks!