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Best Restaurants in The Sacred Valley

Written by:
Claire Dean

Published: 22-02-2023

Peruvian cuisine has gained international recognition. In the city of Lima, you can eat like a king and across the country, chefs have become very creative, and this is true for the pick of the restaurants in Sacred Valley. International cuisine is fused with a variety of local products, such as alpaca and Guinea Pig, different types of beans, corn, and of course, potatoes, as well as native herbs such as muña and Huacatay. The dining options in the Sacred Valley have grown, and so has the list of must-try restaurants in the Ollantaytambo, Urubamba, and Pisaq. Here is our pick of the best restaurants in The Sacred Valley.


Ollantaytambo Restaurants


One of the best restaurants in the Cusco region was serving Peruvian fusion before it became trendy, perfecting the art of combining flavors in a way that each one can be savored. You’ll need some time to decide between all the enticing options on the menu; the cuts of meat are amazingly tender, and there are some interesting vegetarian choices as well, not to mention an array of delicious appetizers that might tempt you to just order a medley.





An idea from someone born and raised in Ollantaytambo has resulted in a must-visit restaurant experience.  A special treat where you can savor traditional ancestral foods made with the freshest of local ingredients and prepared to appeal to the foreign palate. The all-wood décor makes for a warm and rustic yet chic atmosphere, with Peruvian accents sprinkled throughout. If you like cocktails, you must try one using Destilería Andina’s artisanal hooch produced, like Chuncho, by the El Albergue family.




MIL Centro

World-renowned chef Virgilio Martinez of Central fame has done it again with this menu–style restaurant that allows you to sample Andean culture in a very personal way. Locally grown products that have been used in the Andes mountains for millennia are crafted into gourmet dishes that should be on any gastronomic tour of Peru. Be sure to opt for the pairing option, with or without alcohol.


MIL Restaurant next to Moray


Cervecería del Valle Sagrado 

Beer is food, right? Cervecería del Valle Sagrado is not a restaurant, but rather a brewery where you can complement your craft beer with a bite to eat. Several beers are on tap although you can also order homemade soda. Roja con Ayrampo and Dali and Chocolate Factory (made with cocoa paste) are just some of the brews, which are constantly changing at this Sacred Valley brewery.


Cerveceria del Valle


Alma Bar Restaurant 

Alma is located in the Casa Andina close to Urubamba. This spacious restaurant knows how to combine the modern atmosphere and the Andean style. The floor-to-ceiling windows will allow you to enjoy views of the mountains and gardens during the day while enjoying the taste of a Pisco Sour. During the evening, enjoy the folkloric sounds of Andean music. Andean flute players, singers, and even a blind harpist will give the place a Peruvian atmosphere. Meals include various classic Peruvian dishes such as lomo saltado and ají de gallina, as well as offering various international cuisine options. We recommend trying dishes that include trout, ravioli, and salads. Smoked trout and cheese tequeños are a mandatory appetizer to share with friends.


Alma Patio



The buffet restaurants of the Sacred Valley have reinvented themselves to offer a unique gastronomic experience, while also innovating with national and international flavors. Alhambra is one of those buffet restaurants with an extensive selection of Andean and international dishes, and a wide range of flavors intended to please everyone’s palates. 


Alhambra Buffet


Wayra Restaurant at Hotel Sol y Luna

Hotel Sol y Luna, one of only a handful of Relais & Chateaux properties in Peru, has two restaurants run by chefs who were trained by Peruvian celebrity chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino of the acclaimed Malabar restaurant in Lima. Wayra is open to guests and to the public and offers Peruvian favorites including the incredible  Pachamanca (meat and vegetables cooked underground.




Tawa in Yucay

The town of Yucay got its first serious restaurant in 2016 when Milagros and Rene Rodriquez opened Tawa on Manco II Plaza. The Peruvian couple has spent decades working in restaurants (including the restaurant at the Sol y Luna hotel, see above) and they brought all of that experience to Tawa. The couple spent two years developing the menu before opening Tawa which means four in the Quechua language–a nod to the number of members of their family.




Ask us here for more dining recommendations in The Sacred Valley of The Incas!